Monday, February 6, 2012

Caching by Lake Michigan

The other day we were down by Lake Michigan for a meeting, so we stopped and grabbed a few caches on the way home.  This one was in an alley behind a cachers house.  You had to read the cache page to figure out the combination to open the lock...

We were right on the lake front for another cache.  We were this close to grabbing it, but 2 women and their dogs were standing not 10 feet away and refused to leave.  We walked around and took a couple of pictures while we waited for them to leave, but apparently they had no intention of leaving for quite awhile.  Darn,  another missed cache!

That's all folks!


  1. Well bummer! So close, and yet...

    Love your lake pics! It looks like the beach! I'd love to visit this area.

    1. It actually reminded me of the sea grass down on Sanibel.

  2. I use the "awkward" method to encouraging folks to leave, which works really well if I have my toddler along. Simply get closer to then under the guise of showing the toddler something, or needing to sit on a bench to rest (should one be conveniently placed) and wait... seems to encourage them to move down the line a bit to either "Make room for" or "get away from" the kids. :)

    1. Good idea! Maybe I should have sent Louie over to stand by them - that might have worked. LOL!

  3. That stinks, I hate it when that happens. The photos are beautiful though. :) I found some photos of my dad and his friend caching in the UP yesterday. It looked like they found quite a few.

  4. Oh man, a couple of quick diversion tips are in order
    1. If your with your spouse or good friend start to "play argue" it's fun and they will leave right away.
    2. Making out works equally as well and keeps thing positive, lol
    3. They had dogs right? Start playing fetch the stick with them and throw it REAL FAR.
    4. lay down and take a nap, by the time you wake up, they'll be long gone.
    If all of that fails, you're best to mark that one for a follow up.

  5. Unbelievable - no snow, no ice! Weird "winter" this year, eh?

  6. What a pain but pretty photos all the same!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  7. That gets annoying, doesn't it. It's almost like they know what you are doing and won't leave to let you be!

    A 'lil HooHaa:


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