Saturday, February 25, 2012

Historic Wagner Farm

The other day we took a ride to Glenview, Illinois to visit Wagner Farm....

Wagner Farm is important because it's one of the very few remaining farms in Cook County, Illinois.  It sits on just over 18 acres of property and is smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood and bordered by major streets.  If you look closely in the photo below, you can see the cars on the streets in the distance...

The main building is quite large and houses a museum.....

Inside is a life size replica of an old time grocery store....

They had a Model T Ford.....

Papa tried his hand at milking a cow.....

We checked out the history of draft horses....

Learned about truck farming.....

And weighed Papa on an old fashioned scale....

Then we headed outside to see the animals.  The horses were my favorite....

I love to get close up shots of animal eyes.  They are so beautiful!

The barn was quite large.  A little calf was in the lower level all by himself.  We finally convinced Chablis to pet him.....

Bathroom break anyone?  Not me - those seats were cold!

Last stop was the hen house....

It probably took us about an hour to walk through the whole thing.  It was really interesting, very clean and they had some really nice displays.  And get this - it was free!

If you're ever in the Glenview area, I highly recommend stopping at Wagner Farm.  If you have kids, I think they'd really enjoy it.


  1. Looks like a fantastic place! :o)

  2. Fun stop! The kind of place I would enjoy too!
    Except you wouldn't get me near that scale
    xo Cathy

  3. Oh I just love this! Just stumbled across your blog and had to chuckle when I read "shovel snow for living" = we've had lots of snow in WA state this year and it IS a work out! Looking forward to reading more and hope you can stop by and visit some time!


    1. Hi Leslie: Thanks for stopping by - send some of that snow my way, would you??

  4. Great post! Chablis should have stuck her hand in the calf's mouth! They suckle on your fingers. Don't worry, they don't bite :D

    I love your new banner!

    1. She was scared to death it was going to bite her, so that's good to know. It was so cute! Thanks for noticing my new banner - I like it too!

  5. Your daughter is funny... carefully keeping her distance while barely touching the calf for the photo. I'm thinking she's a city girl! :)

    1. LOL- you are SO right! I need to send her up to YOUR house!


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