Friday, July 8, 2011

The Rock Quarry aka Party Cove

We've spent a lot of time the last 2 days at The Rock Quarry, aka Party Cove, on Kentucky Lake.  Lots of lakes have that popular cove where everyone likes to hang out and The Rock Quarry is the place to be on a hot summer day.  The quarry is about 105 ft. deep.

Most weekends you can barely even get into the cove because of all the boats and jet skis that are lined up and tied together.  It's one huge party and I can tell you it is definately not rated PG13.  This is not the place to take the kids on the weekend.  But early on a weekday morning it's usually pretty empty, so we headed over to swim, rock climb and jump into the water.

Over the years people have painted the rock face with pictures.   Some of them are actually pretty good.  Jumping off the high ledge of the cliff is sort of a "rite of passage" on the lake.  But I don't know which is more fun - climbing and jumping or sitting in the boat and egging on those standing at the top.  People of all ages have made the climb.  Some people get up there, look over the edge and immediately take the plunge.  Others get up there and stand.  And stand...  And stand.   The longest I've ever timed a stander is about 1 hour.  This poor girl got up there and just could not take that first step.  Everyone down below was shouting up tips and encouragements.  "Hold your nose,"  "Don't close your eyes,"  "close your eyes,"  "climb back down,"  "You can do it!"  When she finally gathered up her nerve and made the leap, a collective round of applause went up from the boaters below and when she broke the surface, she had a grin on her face the size of Montana.

 Yesterday when we went Tony decided to be the first one to swim over and  venture up...

You have to shimmy up the rocks and there is also a thick rope to help you along some of the more difficult places.
 Here's Tony walking along the top level, contemplating the jump.
And here is Tony taking the plunge.  This is the first year he's done the climb and jump!
For years we've been trying to find the beach that had this tree rope and this year we finally found it.  The kids enjoyed climbing the tree, grabbing the rope and swinging out over the lake.

Afterwards we headed back to Party Cove because Tony wanted me to climb the cliff and jump with him.  I've done it before, but never with my son, so we decided to go for it...

Here we are sitting at the top...

And here I am plunging towards the lake. 

Jumping from the cliff is an "at your own risk" adventure.   I'd advise against it if you don't feel comfortable with heights, climbing or jumping off cliffs. 

Tonight we had another evening of white bass fishing.  Darryl caught a few really nice ones.

And Barb finally caught a nice bass and will get this picture hung on the "Bass Wall of Fame" at the house..

Tomorrow I'll show you the pictures from Maggies Jungle.  It's just getting too late to load them tonight.

I'll leave you with another nice sunset.  See you tomorrow!


  1. Watching my kids cliff jump and rope swing would give me a heart attack. I recently had a friend who did a rope swing that was too close to the rock and mutilated his knees and legs. My heart couldn't take it. I'd have to stick to the that looks fun. Looks like such a beautiful much of the world we just don't see.

  2. There is a lake in Idaho that has a rope tied to a tree over the lake. The first year that Laci jumped from the rope, she didn't land out in the lake. She slipped from the rope and hit the rocks in the shallows. I about had a heart attack! I really came unglued that day, she was scraped up and bloddy, and we never did it again.

    Where you jump looks much deeper, with no chance of falling in the shallows instead of the deep. It looks like a blast! You are one adventurous lady Kim!

  3. What a blast!! You are so lucky to have this right there...I'm jealous!! I don't know if I could make the climb as I am ridiculously out of shape, but I sure would try...what fun!! Keep all these wonderful adventures's like being there with you!!

    BTW, there is a guy with username RC that is now benefiting from YOUR generosity, he gets to Sanibel today and has made a blog for us to follow...he's a hoot!!

    Thanks for following Jess' adventures...I know it makes her feel good to have several of us here in the states 'following' her!!



  4. What fun! We might work out some kind of vacation home switch with that houseboat gf ;D

    Take good care,


  5. Gayle: One of these days I'd like to get up to YOUR part of the world!

    Della: The kids only got to do it because it was over water. I'd have a heart attack too if it was over rocks.

    Shelllady: Did you send RC that item I sent you? I'll check out his blog and I am enjoying reading Jess' blog!

    Kaybe: Unfortunately that houseboat was not ours. It was just parked there by the rope. I think they would be fun to spend a week on tho, don't you?


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