Sunday, July 3, 2011

Louie's Birthday at the Lake

Today is my honey's birthday - Happy Birthday Louie!

Here's the birthday boy...

Bob, aka The Silver Fox, brought over a birthday cake...  He thinks he looks dapper with this hat on.

And no, Louie is NOT 60.  We owe Bob a big one for that!

Here's a cute little mushroom that was growing by the dock.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I just liked the way the pictures turned out...

This is my son, Tony, taking Petey for a kayak ride.  Petey loves going out on any of the boats.
And then Tony made egg salad to go with our dinner....

Some of the resorts in the area blow off fireworks on July 3rd, so every year a bunch of our friends come over, we sit in our front yard and we have a perfect view of the fireworks display.

Afterwards we all pile into the house for birthday cake!

Then Darryl showed Tony that he could probably still kick his ass....

Afterwards all the guys took off for a little night time fishing - with their bows and arrows! 

I'm cleaning up the kitchen and heading for bed.  Nite all!


  1. Happy birthday to Lou! Looks like it was a great party!

    Petey is a brave dog. My dog would hyperventilate if I put him on the boat lol.

    We have a great view of fireworks from our yard, too. It sure does beat fighting the crowds and traffic :)

    Your mushroom pic is awesome! and congrats on being EarthCache Master!

  2. Happy Birthday Louie! Looks like you have the best gift of all - family!

    Take good care,


  3. Happy Birthday Louie....and America!! How cool is that Kim that you are an EarthCache Master!! Very neat!! Looks like you all had a great time...we settled for the Boston Pops on TV for our fireworks's really nice, but sometimes I miss seeming them in real life....except for the traffic!!

    BTW I put the link for Jess' India blog on my blog if you wanta follow her...she's got lots of interesting things there!!

  4. The cake it too funny. I looked at it, scrolled back to your husband, looked at it, scrolled back. All I could think was NO WAY!! Men piss me off how they don't age...and then I kept reading that it was a joke. I knew it! He looks entirely too young! Looks like such a fun day for everyone.


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