Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gear Review - Lewis N Clark Large Dial Combination Lock

Gear Review - Lewis N. Clark Large Dial Combination Lock

I recently received and used the Lewis N Clark Large Dial Combination Lock when I went on our trip to Key West.   It's TSA approved and I also really liked the fact that the numbers are a little larger than the norm.  That made it so much easier for me to actually see the numbers in addition to moving the tumblers around.

The only problem I had with it initially was changing the factory set combination number to my own number.  The directions on the package were hard for me to follow for some reason.  But have no fear - they now have a one minute video on the web page that easily explains how to do it, so that's no longer an issue.
From the Lewis N. Clark webpage:

Available in black, pink, red, blue, and green, this large dial combination lock is a must-have on many travelers' lists. It can either blend in or stand out depending on your preferences, and will always securely lock your luggage. 
• Zinc alloy and steel construction
• Three large dials are easy to see and use
• Resettable 3-dial combination
• 2.5in x 1in x 1in
It's a great little lock that I also use on my gym bag.  I'm sure you could find plenty of other uses for it as well.  
I'm a big fan of their products!  Whether it's electronics, outdoor gear, travel security, or packing solutions, they have you covered.  I own several of their products already and I like and frequently use all of them.  They are well made and perfect for travel.  Check out the Lewis N. Clark company .

(I was given this product in exchange for an honest review.  Lock photos property of Lewis N. Clark and cannot be reproduced without permission)

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