Friday, July 1, 2011

The Most Fun I've Had in Awhile!

"The Most Fun I've Had in Awhile" is a direct quote from my daughter as we headed back to the lake house after an hour of frantic white bass fishing.  The white bass are moving in and we are ready for them!

We had heard a rumor that the white bass were in, so we loaded up the boat and headed over to our favorite "white bass fishing" bay on Kentucky Lake.  We got there early, staked out a promising spot in case any other fisherman had heard the same rumor, and got our rods set up with some rooster tails.  Louie and I both picked white ones and Chablis picked a silver one.  Really, what does she know anyway?

So we sat in our prize location and kept our eyes on the water.  I'm telling you, it was a pretty calm evening with very little wave action.
After a little bit we began to see some swirling on the surface.
Little Miss Silver Rooster Tail caught the first fish.

And then the 2nd fish...

Then I caught a nice regular bass...
(Caught, picture taken and released!)

Then Chablis caught another one...

And I caught another regular bass...

And then the feeding frenzy hit and the water was popping like crazy....

And we started catching them one right after the other.  Chablis kept handing her rod to Louie so he could take her fish off and they were laughing so hard they almost fell into the lake...

These are the white bass.  Notice my chipped nails - that always means the fishing is good!

All too soon it was time to head back to the house and clean fish!  Look at this sunset...

Guess who is having white bass for dinner one day this week?  After all was said and done we determined that Miss Smarty Pants with the Silver Rooster Tail easily out-fished both of us.  It was right about this time that Chablis declared this "The Most Fun I've Had in Awhile" and I have to say that I whole heartedly agree!


  1. Kim, it sounds like a blast. I gotta get fishing again with my weekend, this weekend we will hit the road again to see hubby's mom (since we were gone for 2 whole weeks!) We gotta go fix her up...yard, house etc. first!! Hopefully we will have good luck like you did!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The only thing better than good fishing, is being out fished by your kid! You are making me want to pick up my pole Kim! It's been awhile since I felt that tug on my line.

    Enjoy your fish dinner (she is sharing, right?!) and have a wonderful weekend, and holiday!

  3. We had a wonderful time. You girls need to get out there asap! Have a wonderful holiday. Hugs to both of you!

  4. That's what I call going "Catching"! Way to go fishergirls!


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