Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PapaNonny Hit 1100!!

Please join me in throwing out a big congrats to my mom and dad - they just found their 1100th geocache while on vacation out in Colorado. 

Their geocaching name is PapaNonny.  They picked that name because that's what their grandchildren call them.  I think my parents are pretty impressive - my mom is 75 and my dad is almost 78 and they do a pretty good job of keeping up with us on our geocaching adventures.  They cache with us, my sisters and their husbands, their grand kids, alone and with other caching friends.  So far they have cached in 11 different states and 3 countries other than the United States.

Here they are at one of the very first caches we ever did in Kentucky...

Mom is really good at looking at a location and figuring out where the cache might be hidden....

And she loves to go to any of the social events....

Dad has the kind of mind that works really well on the puzzle caches and he'll get down and do the dirty work too!

PapaNonny have cached in the dark....

At restaurants.....

And in the woods....

They like the thrill of the hunt!

On June 4th they found their 1000th cache.....

Which means that in the past 7 weeks, they've found another 100 caches.  I think that's pretty darn good at any age.

Geocachers get commemorative caches placed in their honor for every 1000 finds.  Here they are with their 1000th commemorative cache....

I am really proud of my parents.  In just over 2 years they've found 1100 caches.  2000 isn't too far away!


  1. Your parents are amazing! I hope I have half the get up and go they do at that age! Congrats to PapaNonny for 1100 caches!!!

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! It looks like geocaching has enhanced their lives as a fun way to see great places, meet great people and enjoy the exercise of the hunt. God Bless!
    A great example of one of my many sayings
    "If you continue to play like a child, you'll never grow old"
    Bloodhoundeds secret to eternal youth =)

  3. So Cool!!! My dad went with me to get a cache on our last trip to Sanibel....and he's almost 85!! Give the happy couple my congrats!! You are right to be proud!! :)

  4. That is awesome! Congratulations to your parents!


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