Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maggie's Jungle Golf

Yesterday we stopped at a place we have passed a hundred times over the years and have never stopped there.  I'm not a big fan of minature golf, but I recently heard about the mini-zoo they had there, so we decided to go check it out.  It turned out to be pretty nice.  You can check out their website here

When we got there we rented a golfcart and the 4 of us piled in.  You can either walk or rent and drive a golf cart down a path through the woods and along the way are pens with the different animals.  We bought several bags of dried corn to feed the animals along the way. 

Right off the bat we were shocked at the amount of peacocks that were running wild all over the place.  There had to be at least 100 of them all along the trail.  They would walk practically right up to us.

We thought that AHAB the camel was pretty cool.  He loved for us to toss corn at him and he was very good at catching it.

The trail through the woods was beautiful and serene and took us through some nice covered bridges.

The sheep were so sweet and came right up to us.  Gayle over at   The White House has a sheep named Daisy, so I was thinking about her when we were here.

How cute is this little guy???  I wanted to take him home.....  Look at those short little legs!

They called this guy a Zony - part zebra and part pony.  I just loved his coloring...

These little ponies were adorable.  I think my friend Barb liked feeding all the animals even more than her daughter Abby was.

How can you tell a male from a female ostrich?

Look at the gorgeous eye color on this goat...

Mr. Emu...

Goats, ducks, chickens and roosters were all running around...

This little guy just stood in the doorway and watched us...

And this one just stayed in the window the entire time...

And we ended up back by Mr. Ahab again...
I think he looks like he was winking at us!  Maggie's Jungle Zoo isn't really big, but we completely enjoyed ourselves.  The place was very nicely kept up and the animals were so sweet.  Abby enjoyed feeding them and getting to pet them.  I would definately go back there again and I highly recommend this place to anyone with kids.


  1. It looks like you found one of those little “treasures”. That place seems awesome! The animals look like they are in excellent condition. They are doing a great job there at Maggies. I love the goat in the window, so funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks fun! We used to take the kids to petting zoos when they were little.

    Did you actually play putt putt? lol

    This was great, I love the little donkey!

  3. Hello Kim,

    I just got caught up on your posts. Despite the problems you had, it sounds like you are all having a fantastic summer! Maggies Jungle Golf looks like a fun place and one that takes great care of their animals. Love the goat standing in the window - goats are so funny! I have never heard of a Zony before. I like the color and pattern of his coat. Looks like you had a blast at party cove!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Oh, I see my friend Tracy was here and commented on how well the animals look well cared for, she's a real animal advocate, so that is high praise indeed.

    I love petting zoos, because you get to interact with the animals and these look like a fun group. Love the Zony!


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