Friday, July 15, 2011

Fish Guardian Gear Review

If you’re reading this page then you must like to fish.  If you own a boat and like to fish, then you are going to want to head over to the Fish Guardian Website and check out this great new product.

The Fish Guardian is an innovative new product.  In fact, it’s so new that the patent is still pending on it but don’t let that stop you from taking a look at it.

If you're a tournament fisherman, then you know exactly what I am talking about when you toss your tournament fish into the live well and have to start messing with jars of release formula.  First you have to find the jar and then you have to shake it into the well and hope it’s the correct amount.  Put the cap back on the jar...  Put the jar away.....  You just wasted a lot of precious fishing time, didn't you?   Instead, how would you like it if all you had to do was push a button and like magic the live release formula was shot into your live well and you are already casting your line?  If that sounds good to you, and I think it will, then click on this link.  What are you waiting for?

When my husband heard about this product, he was itching to try it and he jumped at the chance for us to do a gear review on it.  At no cost to us and for no compensation of any kind, it was installed in our Stratos boat for testing.  We used it for tournament and pleasure fishing.  We tested the product for approximately 6 weeks.

The Fish Guardian comes packaged in a very portable box.  Everything you need comes pre-packaged in the box.  The Fish Guardian itself is compact and should easily fit into any fishing boat. 

Installation is fairly simple and straight forward.  We had it installed in less than an hour.  Here’s how it looks installed…


And here is the easy to use push button on the dash….

Now here is the beauty of the system – see how easily it works....

First you fill your boat live-well with water to its operating level.  Put the live-well valve on recirculate. Then push the waterproof power button on the boat dash for three to five seconds and it will automatically administer liquid live release fluid into the live-well for an approximate 20 gallon live-well dose.   You can then repeat this procedure each time the boat live-well is refilled or to maintain a bluish green color of water.     It doesn’t get much easier than that and believe me, when you are tournament fishing it’s a lot quicker to use this system than it is to dig around looking for your bottles of live release and measuring a dosage.

The Fish Guardian kit needed for a single live well or a divided live well will cost you $ 129.99.   Some boats may need the optional “L” bracket.  You’ll need this piece if you have to mount the tank onto your boat battery compartment floor.  This works great for boats with no sidewalls to mount the Fish Guardian tank.  The bracket comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting bolts ready to install and costs $ 7.99.

If your boat has 2 independent live wells, then you need the Fish Guardian kit that costs $ 139.99.  Each kit comes with a 1 year warranty.

The Fish Guardian reservoir should administer approximately 30 - 35 three-second squirts into a 20 gallon live well before refilling it with more liquid live release formula.  The 10 oz. Catch and Release Formula runs $ 15.00 per bottle.

Overall we found the Fish Guardian to be extremely easy and convenient to use. Lou liked the fact that the tank itself fits nicely in the battery compartment and the release button was right on the dashboard for easy access.   And more importantly, the fish remained alive and well!  Just remember, actually catching the fish is up to you!

The Fish Guardian can currently be purchased from some dealers in the mid-west with new dealers being added around the country daily.  If you can’t find a dealer near your home base, you can purchase the Fish Guardian on-line here.

Phoenix Bass Boats is also currently featuring the Fish Guardian as an option on new boat purchases.

We felt it was a real advantage and time saver to have the Fish Guardian in our boat.  If you're interested, please go check them out here.  I think you'll be glad you did!


The Fish Guardian equipment tested in the product review was provided by The Fish Guardian LLC at no cost to us.  We hold no association with The Fish Guardian Company although we have hired the principal owner on previous occasions as a bass fishing guide.   As with all independent gear reviews, we try our best to keep our reviews unbiased and honest.  We will tell you exactly what we think and what we experienced with this product.  It carries a current price of  $ 129.99.   Please visit their website for further information on how to purchase and install this product.


  1. I'm not a tourny fisher, but still think this is a cool product.

  2. They are always good reviews! I took the opportunity to watch it again on your post.Good job.


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