Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicago Wolves Game

The other night we were invited to a party at the Chicago Wolves Game.  I've never been to a hockey game, so I was looking forward to going.  The Wolves were playing against the Rockford Icehogs!

When we got to The Allstate Arena, we were ushered to a private room, where we were each given a souvenir Wolves cap.....

Then we were treated to a buffet dinner of fried fish, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, pizza, assorted salads, soda and beer.  There were a lot of people at the party, so we got in line, filled our plates and ate our dinner.  Sorry, so food photos because I was too busy eating!  And enjoying a beer!

After dinner we scooted out to the Private Box so we'd get good seats for the game.  We had great seats, down close to the action and very near the goalie.

In the rear of the box was another food table, loaded down with a huge assortment of cookies, popcorn, chips and dips.  Plus more pop and beer.  I have to say the cookies were excellent!  Check these out....

Before the game, the Zamboni guys cleaned the ice.  We kept a close eye on their technique - my daughter is one of the few female trained Zamboni operators in the country.  She said they did a great job!  LOL!

Pretty soon the music started blasting, the announcer began talking, the crowd went wild and the pre-game show began.  The lights started flashing, sirens blared, fireworks began going off, flaming balls of fire shot thru the air, lazer lights were flying all over the place - it's very loud and fun!

After that the players and the color guard stream out onto the ice...

After the "Star Spangled Banner" and a rousing cheer from the crowd, the game begins!

What's a hockey game without a few punches thrown?

Finally, the Wolves score!!

Hockey is a pretty fast game.  It was fun to watch the players fly across the ice and shoot the puck all over the place...

In the end, the Wolves lost 3 - 2.   And even tho I came to the conclusion that Hockey isn't really my thing, I'm glad we went.  We had a nice evening out, with some fun people.  And some really good cookies!


  1. If I were going to go to a live sports event, it would be hockey. (or my grandkids ball games) I have actually watched hockey on tv, and it is action packed.

    Looks like a great evening, and those were some big cookies!

    1. I hate to say it but the cookies were the best part! LOL!

  2. Damn those cookies look yummy!

    Sounds like a fabulously fun evening! How'd you score the invitations? I didn't know there were so few women zamboni operators, weird! Why is that?

    I've never seen a hockey game, not even on TV. In fact the only sports I've seen live (in a stadium etc.) were a Minnesota Twins baseball game in '94, the final of the Mexican football (soccer) cup in '95 (amazing ambiance!), the 1/4f of Roland Garros (Nadal live? YESSS!) in 2007 and the final qualifying match for the Euro Cup (footbal/soccer) between Spain and Scotland last Oct (fun!!!). I think I need to add a hoceky game and a basketball game to my repertoire ;o)

  3. I enjoy hockey when I watch with my sons - I can never keep up with the fast pace and they keep me up-to-date. Penguin fans here!
    xo Cathy
    mmmmmmm cookies!

  4. The idea that people have never been to a hockey game fascinates me. I thought everyone went to hockey...then again, Fairbanks is a hockey town and I did have 3 boys who once played. I sat at more rinks at 7:00am than I can count! I've been to a couple pro games (NHL and NBA) when we traveled for hockey, but you actually get a much better view on television. Plus, it's so got an awesome score of a deal!!

  5. Yep, I love watching a sporting event live and in person. Usually for us it's an NBA game (Portland Trailblazers) or an Oregon State football game (go Beavs!). But I've also seen a few hockey games (Portland Winterhawks). My husband's office has a suite in our arena and we often get tickets to attend NBA and hockey games.

  6. Wait until the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Penguins come to town, now your talking hockey! lol! I'm not a big fan but like yourself i get some free tickets now and then and take the kids. We get all rowdy and stuff, root for the Pens and spend a lot of money on over priced snacks and drinks. The show is an exact replica of your post! Great night out!

  7. Replies
    1. LOL! You know, I caught myself in the first paragraph and changed it to "soda." Then I didn't realize I called it pop in that later paragraph. Most people don't call it "pop" and think it's funny that I do. But everyone from our area calls it "pop."

  8. Great cookies and looks like you all enjoyed the game! Our daughter is an NFL cheerleader (Seattle Seahawks) so we attend ALL games - live and love it. So fun actually being there!



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