Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking the Metra to Chicago - Part 2

So if you joined me yesterday you got a quick tour of some more Chicago buildings and history.  If you missed it, please go back and check it out.  We ended up back at Ogilvie Transportation Center where we were catching the Metra back home.

Inside it's well lit and clean, and there are lots of restaurants and shops.

They even have a Garrett's Popcorn stand there.  They have the best popcorn and I always buy a bag to take home with me.  However, since I'm on my self-imposed "No Spend February," I took a picture, sniffed the air, and walked away   dragged my feet.  But I saved $ 6.00 to add to my monthly tally.  Snap!

Here are the tracks with the trains lined up side by side....

The Metra trains are double deckers.  During rush hour, like it was this morning when we went into the city, it's standing room only.

You purchase your tickets at the ticket counter and then when you board the train, you place your ticket under the hooks of the seat in front of you.  Then the conductor walks down the aisles and stamps them.  You leave them there so he can keep track of who has already paid or not.  The Metra makes frequent stops and there's a steady flow of people on and off.  Believe me, those conductors know exactly who's paid and who hasn't.  You can also pay for your ticket on the train, but it's more expensive that way.

Here we are pulling out of the station.

This is an apartment building right next to the tracks.  Can you imagine living that close to the tracks?  It's like that all the way down the line.

That's the Morton Salt company over there.

And now we're back home.  That has to be one of the quickest trips I've ever made to and from Chicago.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Chicago and the train systems.  And remember, if you have to go into the city, try to take the Metra instead of driving.  You'll be so glad you did.


  1. I don't know how you walked away from the popcorn. I am a huge popcorn fan myself (I've been eating Smart Pop)

    The pics from inside the train are cool. They have an old timey appearance. As far as living close to tracks, I wouldn't want to live any closer than I already do. I live 1+ miles from tracks and I can very clearly hear them go by. I can't imagine living any closer to them.

    Thanks for taking us with you! It reminded me of taking the Metro in DC.

    1. Yeah, I kept thinking "2 days into the challenge and I have to give up Garretts!" No fair!

  2. I think it would kind of be fun to be a conductor. I'd know who has paid and who hadn't, and would have too much fun calling them out. (Sad, huh?). An apartment by the tracks...ummm, not my first choice. Still crazy to me that people live like that day in and day out. I would be wide-eyed in awe for a visit, but couldn't stay. Too many people!

  3. I'm surprised how many people try to scam the conductors by putting up expired tickets or pretending they didn't know the ticket they bought wasn't a round trip. The conductors don't take any crap from anyone. My parents have lived within 4 blocks of train tracks their entire lives and my husband grew up in Chicago in a building right next to the tracks like that.

  4. Interesting photos!
    I once rode the rail system in Chicago...with 50 kids! I was a chaperon with the youth group. What a wonderful experience seeing life through the eyes of these teens! We spent 5 days exploring the Chicago area...the museums, the Billy Graham center, Moody College, Miracle Mile, Wrigley Field, and so much more. For many of them, it was their first experience seeing snow (little leftover drifts...slushy mess, but oh so much fun for them!). I have been to Chicago a few times since, and I really love that city (but cannot imagine living there in the winter!).

  5. PS...thank you for your kind words at Artfully Graced. You are so right...God will provide in His own time. Amazing how His time is really the perfect time for us... Hang in there! We WILL get through these trials. And we'll be much stronger for it...

  6. Did somebody say Popcorn? yummo

  7. One of the things I miss the most about living in Belgium was the ease of moving around the country by train! PLus pretty inexpensive! Definitely a better option that the car most times! :o)

  8. I love public transportation and always use it if I'm in a big and/or unfamiliar city. And I ride our light rail system to work every day. Not as nice as the Metra but it gets me there.


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