Friday, February 10, 2012

LightLoad Towels - Gear Review

A couple of weeks ago The Outdoor Blogger Network asked me to do a review on Lightload Outdoor Travel Towels.  I was happy to do it, especially because I had heard about these towels and I wanted to see them for myself.

They sent me a package of 2, 12" x 12" towels.  They come packaged like this....

I could hardly believe how small these towel disks were....

That's a nickel I'm holding....

I opened the package and it slowly spread out to this....

And here's the opened towel with their logo....

First off, the towel is soft.  And super absorbent!  I decided to use it in the one room where it would get the most use - the kitchen.  I placed it next to the sink and used it to wipe my hands, wipe down counters and also to dry dishes.   It worked really well.

According to the Lightload website  they are good for a wide variety of uses such as a bandana, a fire starter, a scarf, a first aid supplement.  I found that it worked really well as a wash cloth also.

The Lightload towels come in a variety of sizes - the 12" x 12",  12" x 24" and a full size beach towel.  I would love the beach towel for my carry on bag when I go to Florida.  It would take up practically no room at all!

They are also extremely affordable - the 12" x 12" package of 2 is only $ 2.75.  Plus, you can get them custom designed with your own logo, which would be a fun idea for a give-away or a company promo.  They sell them on their website and in different stores around the country.

I tossed the 2nd towel into my backpack for when we're geocaching or hiking.  It takes up no room at all and it's nice to know that it's there in case of an emergency!

If you see these towels, go ahead and pick up a pack.  I think you're like them.  If you have kids, then I think you'll find the towels handy for a wide variety of kid related uses.  If you're outdoors minded, you'll find out how convenient they are to carry along in a back pack, a purse, a pocket, or the glove compartment.

Thanks to Lightload Outdoor Travel Towels and The Outdoor Blogger Network for this gear review opportunity.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review.  I was given the towels with the understanding that I would review them and give my honest opinion.


  1. Those would be great in a beach bag, especially the beach towel size! I know my beach towels (just 2) take up an entire bag on their own. It would be nice to throw a couple of those in and still have room for sun block, and other beach must haves, instead of using another bag.

  2. What a cool idea!! You could even give them away as Swag for Geocaching!! I have never heard of such a thing...I might have to check this out!! Thanks Kim!

  3. As any Hitchhiker will tell you, you should always know where your towel is. You are one hoopy frood. (see Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy for the reference, or

    Good work!

  4. Cool - they look like they'd be handy to have in the car, stroller, backpack, etc.

  5. Increadible that they could be so small! I get that they're good as washcloths etc., but how do they stand up in the drying oneself department if you get really wet while out hiking?

    1. If my feet and legs were wet, they would perform really well. You could even wring them out pretty good if more of you needed to be dried. I thought they worked really well.

  6. Those things scare me. I found a large one in the shape of a banana in a geocache and traded for it because I thought it was neat. I dropped it in my front pants pocket thinking I may use it later as it was a hot summer day. I was happy when we hiked near a nice little natural swimming hole with a bunch of folks swimming there. I waded in to my waist and POP, that puppy came busting out of the package. I shrieked and got out of the water but the big towel was bulging my pants like as if I was happy to see you (if you know what I mean)I mean REALLY happy! I just walked away with a studly swagger but knew I just made a complete fool of myself. Oh well......I could see where used as directed they could be a great thing to have.

  7. cool! Next time you need to tell them to send you an extra so you can do a giveaway/contest on your blog ;-)

  8. Superb Post, especially the beach towel size! I know my beach Towels (just 2) take up an entire bag on their own. If my feet and legs were wet, they would perform really well. You could even wring them out pretty good if more of you needed to be dried. I would like to Say Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Keep it Up.


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