Friday, February 17, 2012

Cache Containers

I am constantly amazed by the creative and different cache containers that people can come up with.  Some are rather large......

Some use everyday objects in a new way...

Birdhouses are a popular theme....

Some take a bit of time to construct.....

Some are hidden in plain sight....

You just never know what kind of container you are going to find -  And that's part of the fun!

What's the best one you've ever found?


  1. the diversity of those caches is amazing! :o)

  2. Very clever cache containers! I'd never find anything!

    1. Oh, you'd be surprised. Once you start doing it, you get a feel for it.

  3. The best on I ever found was in a playground on a slide/ladder fort combination structure that you could walk underneath. It was a magnetic bolt....looked just like a bolt that went through the wood, but it didnt! It took us some time to find it, but it you played close attention, one of the 'bolts' didn't really serve a purpose! I pulled on it and it came down, unscrewed the 'head' of the bolt and the log was curled up inside the shaft! The other was a Huge rubber spider that had been hollowed out and placed in a guard rail in a parking lot!! Very cool!! ....and I've only looked for about a dozen!! (SO Far!) :) I am truly enjoying these posts about the geocaching! One of these days I'm going to find me a buddy and have all kinds of tales to tell like you do!! Maybe after I retire.......!

    1. The bolt ones are very cool! You did good if you found one of those!

  4. Wow! People find really creative ways to hide things.


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