Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 FTF's for the PapaNonny Clan

On Sunday the PapaNonny Clan was up and out, bright and early, grabbing some Chicago caches.  We come across a lot of "Blue Star Highway" signs when we geocache....

The next one was an Illinois Spirit Quest cache and located just outside a cemetery...

Papa made the find...

We had a couple that we had to be extra stealthy on....

We were headed back towards home when 2catchick checked her phone alerts and realized that 2 new caches had just published and we were less than a mile away from them.  We decided to try for the FTF (first to find).  In our area, we have some FTF hounds that are super speedy and it's practically impossible to beat them to a newly released cache.  But we thought we might have a slight edge since we were already in the car and less than a mile away.

Louie pushed the pedal to the metal     drove cautiously over to the nearest cache.  He had barely rolled to a stop before the car doors were shoved open and we all rushed out, dashing across the parking lot towards the woods.  I'm almost embarrassed to say that we left my mom in the dust.  Hey, it's a FTF and it's every man for himself!

The GPS showed that we were a couple hundred feet from the cache and we quickly picked our way over logs and brush to ground zero.....

Success!  A pristine log and we got the FTF!  Papa checks the date and time and 2catchick logs us in....

We quickly looked up the 2nd cache that just published and realized that it was less than 2 blocks away.  2catchick and I briefly debated running across an open field to get to the cache, but since it was only about 25 degrees out, we decided Louie could drive us around just as quickly.  We ran back to the car and pointed in the general direction we needed to go.  Louie maneuvered us around a couple of parking lots and pulled up less than 300 feet away from the cache.  Off we went again, eyes scanning in all directions, shocked that none of the usual FTF hounds were pulling up yet.

This cache was hidden in a rather marshy area, but when you're going for a FTF, you don't care if your feet are getting wet or muddy.....

Look at this cute little guy - this was the cache....

We signed our 2nd FTF log of the morning!

Any day spent geocaching is a good day, but any day with TWO FTF's is even better!!!


  1. WTG PapaNonny Clan! Congrats on your 2 FTF's! But...25 degrees? Where are your gloves???!!

    1. The sun was out so it wasn't really too bad. Look at my dad - he's only wearing a vest! We're a hardy bunch - LOL!

  2. Now that is totally cool... not only are you finding stuff most will never see, you are the first one to do it. I could seriously get into that kind of competition. Might even put my hand in a hole for that one! LOL

  3. Woohoo! You got my adrenaline pumping as I rushed along with you guys for those FTFs! Bravo! :o)

    Question, which of you actually got to log it as a FTF? Or could you all get the credit since you did it together?

    1. We usually take credit as CO - FTF together. It's objective. Some cachers go by the rule that whoever touches it first gets the FTF. If we meet up with other cachers at the site, we usually discuss if it will be an individual one or a CO-FTF.

  4. Very Cool Kim, Congrats to you all!! :)

  5. Just like in skiing there are "no friends on powder days," I'm assuming FTF's work the same way. Congrats on your two FTF's.

  6. I'm with CrazyCris, I was feeling the excitement, rushing to the cache, leaving poor mom behind and getting that FTF "rush" when you look at the log and see NOTHING! WoooooHooo! Way to go PapaNonny clan! Man, I wish I lived closer to you guys! We would have a freaking blast!
    Thanks for getting my blood pumping today! I needed that!

  7. Come On wid da FTF's = I just got the omg's & odk's down lol lol
    Team PNC rocks!

  8. Kim!
    Congrats on all the finds of the day..
    especially the FTF!
    very interesting sport/competition!!
    thanks for stopping by earlier..
    to answer your question..
    unfortunately YES..
    Braxton and I will be communicating via Skype..
    email, photo mail, picture mail..
    until we can return which will be 2-3 times a year..
    in between those visits to Denver..
    the kids will be coming to Florida!
    they've already informed us they will arrive..
    en masse!!that's 4 adults,3 larger grands..
    and 1 baby grand!
    okay.. back to work!
    warmest hugs..

    1. Loui, that is going to be so exciting! Imagine taking that baby to the beach - so much fun!


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