Monday, October 24, 2011

Caching with Mom & Dad

Last Saturday was going to be a beautiful weather day, and that made it a good day for geocaching.  Some friends of mine were hosting a geocaching lunch, so I called my parents and asked them if they'd like to go grab a couple of caches in the morning beforehand and then go to the lunch.

My parents are usually up for anything!

The first cache we hit was placed somewhere on this huge jungle gym.  Dad and I got lucky and found it in almost the first spot we looked.   I took the slide back down tho!

This park had a cute little rock area for the kids to climb on, so this big kid climbed up for a phooning photo op!

Mom & Dad chose to stay on the lower level...

We found some interesting containers ....

We also found a cache by a model airplane airfield....

If you look closely you can see the planes in the air....

This nice guy stopped and talked to us as he was leaving and let us check out his plane.  It's extremely light weight.  It was fun to sit and watch the planes do stunts and fly straight up in the air and then dive bomb back down.

We also visited some pretty locations today.  One cache was hidden by a sledding hill.  I never knew this hill was here but we'll be checking it out this winter.  I love to go sledding!

Look at the color of this tree....

I love these shots of the berries on this yew bush.  They kind of put me in the mood for Christmas!

My mom and dad have been together for about 60 years.

I think it's so cute that they still hold hands....

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the geocaching lunch!    Also - don't forget that this is Fright Week with the CacheCrazy crew. Starting today there will be a week of Halloween fun, so stop by over there to see what's going on.  I'll have a special scary post of my own on Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful shots and lovely blog...great stuff!

    Take care

  2. Love the humor in the unusual cache containers! What fun to spend a day like this with your family! Soon we will be seeing snow on those yew berries and singing carols...
    xo Cathy

  3. How cool that your mom and dad go caching with you, they are so cute and I hope that my hubby and I still hold hands after 60 years. :) Love your pose on the rock. :)

  4. Michelle: I love that shot of them holding hands - Isn't that cute? That photo of me on the rock is called "Phooning."

  5. The pic of mom & dad is just precious! xxoo

  6. Your parents are so fun! They are quite active, and must be pretty fit to keep up with you!

    Great shots of everything, and that yew bush does have a Christmasy look to it.

  7. Believe me, she has to slow down her walking when we're along. But she gets to do all the tree climbing that we can't do. (I'm the Mom)


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