Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breaking In a New Cacher

Yesterday we were telling my nephew Kyle about geocaching and he got really interested in it.  So after we worked out at the hunting property all day today, we stopped to find a geocache so he could see what it was all about.  We did GCZYJN located in Wingo, Ky.  

The cache was hidden someplace on this old caboose.  I read Kyle the cache description and told him what he was looking for.  Kyle outdid himself and found it pretty quickly- nice job for his first cache!

I think I reeled in another geocacher - let's just say he came over to the "Dark Side!"  He really enjoyed it and wants to go do another one tomorrow.

All aboard!!!  It's always fun to introduce new people to the sport of geocaching, especially kids.


    I love to break in new geocachers! Brand new with no preconceived notions of how the game is or should be played. Great post!

  2. I know I'm going to have to try it! You do seem to have an amazing time doing this. It's on my list!


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