Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Blogger - Cathy from StitchFork Designs

I am so excited to introduce you to Cathy from Stitchfork Designs.   I came across her blog a couple of months ago and what she does fascinates me.  She is super talented and creates the most gorgeous things with her imagination and embroidery.  Everything she makes is unique and a work of art.  I asked her if she'd do a guest post for me so I could show off her work to a group of people that I thought would really appreciate what she does.  So here's her cute post....  And wait until you see what she created especially for me!

X marks the spot…..
a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game
players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches
Kim, Snug Harbor Bay, who has found almost 1700 geocache treasures,
inspired me to give it a try
so I chose a listing nearby from
off into the woods, up a hill, round the bend
and over to the forgotten cemetery

I actually found it!

on Kim’s bucket list  -  get a tattoo
So Kim, step into my tattoo parlor...
my embroidery tattoo parlor…

I’ll send you the coordinates of your geocache-K tattoo

Kim, on your bucket list…
Just write sort-of after the get a tattoo

WOW!!  Isn't that sweatshirt fantastic??   With the holidays coming up Cathy can make all kinds of neat things for fun and different gifts.  If you're looking for a special and unique gift, she can come up with some clever ideas.  How about these for Halloween.....

These adorable towels for Christmas.....

Isn't this Apron Set to-die-for?  What chef wouldn't love to wear this in the kitchen?

Bee-lieve it or not, this little Bee is on a shirt....

Or how about ANY of these......

Honestly, I can go on and on.  Each design is so pretty!!  Ok, here are a few more.....

Please, stop by Cathy's blog, StitchFork Designs and scroll through her beautiful items.  Or, stop by her website to see even more of the different items she can make.  Everything she designs is on an individual and custom order basis.  I think she can create just about anything for any type of sport, interest or hobby.....  fishing, hiking, camping, shelling, skating, you name it.  Even geocaching!

Thanks again Cathy!  I love my new tattoo!


  1. Everyone is beautiful. Cathy is very talented. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much Kim, and also for the invite here! And for my intro to geocaching fun!
    xo Cathy

  3. You are so close to that tattoo! A machine embroidered one will do until you know for sure what you is a forever kind of thing (or used to be!)

    Cathy has some great designs!

  4. Cathy does beautiful work. I'd love to see her work in person.

  5. Any ideas for a logo for CacheCrazy.Com
    appears I'm in the market, lol!
    "You my friend are an artist, with the cloth as your canvas, and your needle as your brush"
    Little known fact about me is:
    I worked for Bucilla, a leader in the cross stitch industry, for a short year designing cross stitch patterns. I loved the work and had some big projects going for the company. One day I found myself in the companies mainframe (that's what they use to call it) and changed all of the screen savers to flying toasters. It was so funny but, when the director found out what had happened, he kindly had me escorted off the property by security. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and when your young you bounce back easily. I worked with the QA gal who they "let go" two days before, she sent some samples to their competitor and we were back to work in less than a week. Oh, the good ol days....

    Anyway, Cathy it's a pleasure to know you and I wish you well. You certainly have talent.

  6. Kevin: Very interesting tidbit there! Clearly your company Director had no sense of humor. LOL. You should definately have Cathy design some CacheCrazy Logo stuff for you. Bandana's - I'm crazy for bandana's..... Plus, she does excellent work on sweatshirts!


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