Monday, October 3, 2011

Hiking & Geocaching - What's Not to Like?

Hiking & Geocaching - What's Not to Like? 

(photo taken from Google photos)

One of things I like best about geocaching is that it gives me the opportunity to combine 2 of my favorite activites.  I love to be out in the woods hiking around .  But if there's a geocache hidden nearby, well, so much the better.  The gals over at the blog Hiking Lady had a recent post about geocaching and I was telling Carol over there how much I like to combine the 2 hobbies. 

We're not exactly what I'd call hard core hikers.  I'd term us more as "hiker's lite."  My husband is usually good for 5 or 6 hours, so I like to grab my back pack and accomodate this.  I can usually tell when he's had enough and that's when we call it a day.  We live in the midwest, so there isn't a lot of what I'd call "mountain" hikes, but we do live near lots of places with great hiking trails and we like to visit those.

I especially like the trails where there is a little something different to climb in, on, or around.....

I also LOVE it when I get a chance to climb a tree.  For this cache I had to stand on my husbands shoulders, up inside the tree, to reach the cache..... 

If you look closely you can see me half way up this one....
(apparently I spend a lot more time up in trees than I realized)

We spend a lot of time in Kentucky and the trails around Kentucky Lake are wonderful!

Wisconsin has some beautiful hiking spots also and I'd like to go further into northern Wisconsin sometime in the near future....

When I was out in Colorado last summer I got a chance to hike St. Mary's Glacier and that was definately the best hike of my life.  At 11,000 ft, it was also the highest I've ever been.  I have to say - I am HOOKED!  I loved it!  I will definately be going out there again for some more hiking.

We found geocaches on every single one of these hikes.  So you see, it's really easy to combine the two and have a really fun day!

Be sure to stop by the Hiking Lady and say hi.  They have lots of great hiking information and gear reviews.  And guess what, you guys are welcome to drop by too!


  1. What beautiful areas that you are in and that is so cool that you are climbing that tree!! I love it!!! Michigan has some amazing places to hike as well, especially in Northern Michigan. My brother is a hiker and will go for days, he loves being outside and comes home with some amazing pictures and stories. He swore he heard big foot one night. :)

  2. Looks like a yearbook of wonderful geocaches with family and friends. You guys had a great summer and found a lot of caches. Good job and keep it up because your guys look healthy and happy, it looks good on you.
    Fall opens up all new opportunities. I have a few caches in my sights and a couple scouting events planned so there is still a lot to look forward to.
    Have fun!

  3. Michelle: We actually have Michigan in our sights - hopefully soon. I don't have any caches in Indiana or Michigan yet, so we are hoping for a day trip to grab both states. We are looking at Warren Dunes, which is in the southwestern corner of Michigan.

    BH: We have had a good year of caching, but we fell behind schedule the last 10 days. We were hoping to hit 2000 by the end of the year, but recently work has interfered with that timetable. How rude! LOL!!

  4. I really enjoy your blog! Geocaching looks like soo much fun! I really want to get into it.. so do you need a GPS? Or just a smartphone?

  5. Hi Shelly: It IS alot of fun! You can use either a GPS or a Smartphone, altho you CAN find some of the easier ones without either. I would suggest looking for ones in a park or a parking lot to begin. If you read the description on the cache page and then change the map on the cache page to SATELLITE view, you can really zero in on about where its at - then go look! Also read the logs from the people who have found it before you - sometimes they leave little hints. Feel free to email me direct for any additional information if you need help. Based on one of your favorite beaches I would suggest trying this cache: GC311AH. Good luck! Come back and let me know when you find it.


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