Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you Ms. Bake-It and Shellbelle!

A couple of weeks ago I entered a give-away over at Ms. Bake-It's blog.  Don't go to her blog unless you want to leave hungry!  She makes the most delicious looking dishes and her photos of what she makes will cause you to drool all over your keyboard!  Visit her blog here:

Anyway, guess what??  I WON!!  Insert photos of me doing cartwheels here if I had of photo of me doing cartwheels.

My prize was a $ 40.00 gift card to Shellbelle's Etsy shop.  You have to visit Shellbelle's blog because she has such interesting things to say and show us, like World Oceans Day when she hosted an online beach party.  She had my full attention at the words OCEAN and BEACH - 2 of my favorite words.  Visit her blog here:

So I won my gift card and I skeedaddled over to Shellbelle's ETSY shop at:

I immediately picked out a Driftshell heart.  And here it is.  It just arrived and I have to tell you, the photo's don't do it justice.  IT IS GORGEOUS!  I love it.

It is so finely crafted and sturdy.

And while I was browsing her store, I also purchsed this Driftshell photo frame.  Shellbelle makes these beauties with shells that she finds herself.  They are truly works of art!

Since I just got back from our annual "Girls Only" trip to Sanibel Island, I inserted a photo of us phooning on Cayo Costa Island.... You can read about "Phooning" here:

Doesn't it look great?  Now I have to go buy a shelf for my front room so I can proudly display these 2 new beachy additions.

A heartfelt thanks to Ms. Bake-It and Shellbelle for my win.  You girls really made my day!


  1. Congratulations! Shellbelle does make the most beautiful shell frames, hearts, and candle holders! You are so lucky! I love the frame you picked out, and the picture is perfect for it!

  2. You are so sweet Kim! I am so happy you are enjoying your win! What great choices! I am going to get one of the hearts too. I love the picture you chose for the frame! Having seen Rhonda's work in person, it is hard to just select one or two items! Between Rhonda and Jane (Artfully Graced) I am going to get into a LOT of trouble because I love their work so much!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  3. The frame and heart are beautiful!! I especially enjoy the picture you picked for the frame...that's great!!

    Couldn't find the geocache at Bailey's, GPS didn't help a lot for some within 16 ft and found the water, too nervous to get too close!! Any hints?

  4. Shelllady: I sent you an email with some hints!

  5. Hi Kim, I am so glad your happy with your choices and I LOVE that you put a phooning photo in the frame, it looks perfect!

    Thank you for your kind words on the passing of my cousin. You would LOVE the Cook House, it is so full of fabulous things and wonderful memories.



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