Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nashville, GPS Adventure Maze & Ft. Negley

 Ok, after a brief intermission where I was attacked by a killer wasp, we can get back to our vacation.

The other day we drove to Nashville, Tn. because I wanted to see something called the GPS Adventure Maze. 

This is the infamous "Bat Building" that you see upon arrival.  It does kind of look like Batmans head.

The maze was at the Adventure Science Center of Nashville.

Of course we didn't pass up an opportunity to phoon!

The maze is designed to introduce people to the fun of geocaching and is an interactive exhibit.  Some aspects of the maze were really good - the amount of information was staggering, the exhibits were chock full of stuff to search for....

there were lots of sample geocaches to find and it was all contained in very colorful areas.

As we walked through the maze we had to stamp our cards at different check points...

There were a couple of things I didn't like tho.  First of all, it was hosted by the Adventure Science Center in Nashville and you have to pay the full price of $ 12.00 per person admission, even if you only want to see the GPS exhibit. 

There was nobody associated with the exhibit there to talk to or explain anything.  And even though we got there early, it was still crowded and it was difficult to move through the maze and see and do everything.  I also would have liked to see some booths set up with brochures about GPS units and more take-home general information about geocaching. 

Afterwards we found a cache hidden right out in front of the building.  Cute huh?

On a scale of 5 points, I'd have to give it a 3 and I don't think I'd recommend it as a "must see" event.  But if you are interested you can visit this site for more information:

After that we headed over to Fort Negley to find a geocache.  Ft. Negley is the site of a Union fortification during the Civil War.

Unfortunately the visitors center was closed...

Fort Negley was built using mostly slaves and free blacks...

The grounds are really huge and there is a nice walking path around the whole compound.  We hiked up to the top of the hill and we were treated to this beautiful view...

At the top there is a series of boardwalks leading you to different points....

And we found the cache we were looking for.  Don't worry, it's been placed with permission.

I particularly liked seeing the old ruins of the fort....

 And here's Capt. Ron standing on top of the hill near the ruins of a wall.

If you're in Nashville and would like to visit the fort, you can get information here:

Our origianl plan was to do some more geocaching in Nashville and eat lunch at The Wildhorse Saloon.  Unfortunately, the Wildhorse wasn't open and the construction and rebuilding going on in Nashville was unbelievable.  Traffic was at a stand still in some areas so we ended up leaving.  But we'll be back.  I love visiting Nashville and I am determined to eat at The Wildhorse Saloon one of these days!


  1. Wow, I had to stop by and play catch up on your vacation and it looks like you're having a GREAT time! Love all the scenery and Civil War sites, but that fish fry is what I loved most. There is nothing like a day of fishing with loved ones that ends in a feast!

    You've visited so many wonderful places, but I agree, a free concert and beautiful sunset is the perfect way to end a day in the great outdoors!

    Sorry I haven't been by, but I did a last minute move after starting a new job and I'm still trying to get all my ducks in a row.


  2. Another awesome tour! The more I see about geocaching, the more interested I become. I'm also interested in your review of the Wildhorse Saloon! I hope you go back to Nashville soon, and let us know all about the food at the Wildhorse!

  3. Geocaching has taken us to so many interesting places that we would have NEVER gone to. It helps to satisfy my restless spirit. I'm looking forward to the Wildhorse Saloon too! Hopefully next time.

  4. I can't seem to get any of my family that interested in geocaching...took my Dad today to one on Sanibel because it was a short walk from our place. He seemed to enjoy it, maybe I can get him to be my geocache buddy! It's no fun alone, and probably not a very good idea!

    I get excited to see your adventures though! Enjoy your vacation!!

  5. Shelllady: Well, they may come around! Good idea to have a caching buddy too - I never go alone.


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