Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Review– House of Jerky

I was recently chosen by The Outdoor Blogger Network  to provide a review on Jerky made by “The House of Jerky.”   

The House of Jerky immediately sent me a gift pack of 6 different jerky’s to try. 

These included:  Hot Beef Jerky, Natural Style Beef Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Sweet & Spicy Jerky, Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky, and Black Pepper Beef.

The first thing I did was make a visit to their website at  They have a great website that is very user friendly.  Right on their front page they listed two things that really caught my eye – FREE shipping was the first and NO MSG was the second.  Who doesn’t like FREE shipping?  And NO MSG is a HUGE plus for me, as I get massive migraines from MSG. 

The House of Jerky had other stuff on their website that I also liked – No preservatives used, their jerky is sliced from lean whole premium top round steak, and they support our military.  This was all very impressive stuff so far. 

So, on to the actual jerky taste test…  As soon as I sliced open the bags, my blood hound of a daughter (named Chablis) followed the scent of jerky wafting through the house and demanded to be involved in the official jerky taste test.  Two sets of taste buds are better than one, so she quickly pulled up a chair.  She was not shy about digging in....

I’m going to list the jerky’s in the order of our favorites.  4 stars is the highest rating.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky   Rates 4 stars!.......

2 oz. packages. 
We both thought the overall flavor was excellent – nice and sweet, which I personally favor.  The marinade is top notch!  This jerky had a nice texture, not real chewy.  This was by far our favorite.  I also gave one piece to my husband when he breezed through the kitchen and he really liked it also.  Chablis grabbed this bag and put it on the side to personally finish later.  Why did I agree to let her help??? 

Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky   Rates  3 ½ stars!....

1.75 oz. package
This jerky had an excellent flavor- not too sweet, not hot at all and the PERFECT amount of black pepper.  The pepper does not overpower the taste of the jerky at all and I liked the buffalo meat.  Very nice!  I took off ½  a point because I was disappointed in the amount of jerky in this package.  There was only 2 slices.  Granted they were large slices, but still, only 2.  This was the only package that was 1.75 oz.  We both loved this jerky!

Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky   Rates 3 ½ stars....

2 oz. package
We both enjoyed the overall sweetness of this jerky.  I thought it was wonderful.  This one also has a nice chewy texture.  But give it a few seconds and the HEAT kicks in.  It has a nice little kick.  I only took half a point off on this one because I could not eat a real lot of it because of the hotness.  Chablis loved it.  If you like HOT, then this one is for you.

Natural Style Beef Jerky     Rates 3 stars
 2 oz. package
This jerky had a little more dry texture, but it was a nice chew and a very natural beef taste.  It was neither sweet nor spicy.  If you want a natural and not marinated jerky, then you’d probably enjoy this one. We both liked it, but took a point off only because we prefer a marinade.

Hot Beef Jerky   Rates 2 ½ stars
2 oz. package
This jerky is an excellent choice for someone who likes it HOT!  This one made my eyes water.  It has a mild sweet taste that is a beautiful blend with the hot spice.  We both liked the sweet flavor but couldn’t eat a lot of it at one time because it’s way too hot for us.  If you like hot jerky, is one will be much higher on your list!

Black Pepper Beef   Rates 2 stars...

2 oz. package
This package had a very good sized portion in it.  It had a very nice chewy texture – not too dry.  The first thing we could taste was all the pepper.  I thought it was overpowering.  If you like pepper, then you’d like this.  Personally, it had way too much pepper on it for Chablis and me.   

Overall we thought most of the jerky we sampled had a perfect texture.  I prefer my jerky to be chewy but not dried out like shoe leather, and House of Jerky gets "high fives" on this point.   I also loved their marinade on the Teriyaki Jerky.   I could buy and eat cases of this one!

House of Jerky gets high points for a couple of things in addition to their jerky.  They package their jerky in sturdy re-sealable bags.  The bag is a perfect size to toss into a backpack, cooler, purse or even a large jacket pocket.  They place a sticker on each bag with their website and phone number – very smart!  Each type of jerky had a different color label on the bags, which I thought was a great idea.  However, I don’t like the silver tone on the labels..... 

While it looks sharp, it’s hard to read.  And finally, I’d like to see the nutritional information on each bag.

Please re-visit their website and notice the wide variety of jerky’s they offer: turkey, beef, salmon, boar, exotic and buffalo.  They had all sorts of variety and gift packs. Surely there is something here to satisfy the jerky lover in your life.

Based on points, the jerky’s we sampled rated a 3 ½ overall.  Factor in their easy to use website, dedication to our military, and desire to please their customers and I give this company a solid 4 stars! 

I’d like to thank the Outdoor Blogger Network and the House of Jerky for letting me review this great product.  It reminded me how much I LOVE JERKY!

The House of Jerky products featured in this product review were provided to me at no cost by House of Jerky.  I currently hold no association with House of Jerky.  As with all independent gear and product reviews at Snug Harbor Bay, I try my best to keep my reviews honest and unbiased. If something is good, it deserves 4 stars; if it stinks, I’ll let you know that too.


  1. My family are all big jerky fans. Teriyaki is my fave, too! (I make a great teriyaki beef on the grill!) My brother makes jerky, and so far, his is the best I've ever had. If I can find this kind, I'll try it, but definitely staying away from the HOT stuff!

  2. I LOVE hot! Nice review, personally I don't eat beef, but the fact that they also make turkey and salmon peaked my interest. Would be a great item to carry to the beach when shelling — lightweight and doesn't need to be kept chilled. Yea, that works for me!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I've been asked to do a couple reviews and passed, but free stuff (that involves food) would be worth it!! :)


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