Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kentucky Dam Tour

Yesterday we took a drive to the dam.  We have been going to KY. Lake for 20 years and while we have driven over the dam many times, we've never actually stopped to look at it.  So yesterday we drove down the access road and got up front and personal with the dam.

Here's what it looked like a couple of weeks ago when we had the record breaking flooding event....

And here is what it looks like now at normal summer pool levels....

In this next picture you can see the construction equipment in the background that was all flooded out in the first picture above....Yes, the water was actually that high!

Kentucky Dam is the longest of 9 dams built on the Tennessee River...

Here's a shot of  the river below the dam.

There were a lot of people fishing from the rocks along the shore as well as from boats.  One guy was catching some nice fish, which looked like catfish.
If you look at the front of the building you can see a little overlook observation deck.  We walked over to check it out.

From inside the building we could see the control room of the dam.

The Ky. Dam reservoir is the largest manmade lake in the eastern United States.

When we walked back outside I had to check out this object.  At first I thought it was a propeller from a ship, but soon discovered that it's actually a turbine for the dam.

It was interesting to walk around and see the dam close up and find out a little about how it operates.

When we left, we pulled over to look at all the vultures hanging out on this tower.

And in case you were wondering, we did go fishing for awhile and here's some of what we caught!

Any day that involves a little bluegill fishing is a good day!


  1. That was really interesting! It's always fun to explore, and learn new things.

    Looks like you had some luck, or skill. What a nice catch!

  2. They are going to taste real good in a couple of days when we fry them up too!!

  3. vultures hanging out on an electrical tower?! weird!!! :p

    those fish sure look tasty though! :D


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