Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nonny Out-Fished Us All!

My parents are visiting us for what I call their annual “Get them in the boat and let them drown some worms” trip. 

We started off the day with homemade pancakes and sausages that Louie whipped up while the rest of us were still sleeping.  He gets high points for that move!

Here's what this pier looked like during the recent flood...
And here is what it normally looks like...

Here’s my dad, aka Papa or Captain Ron...

He is proudly showing off his brand new rod and reel which was an early Father’s Day gift from my husband.  We are expecting great things to happen with that rod this week!

And here is my mom, aka Nonny.  She is using the rod and reel that we bought her last year.  I suspect that she sat in the basement and practiced with that rod all winter, because she put us all to shame today.  She easily out-fished all of us.

Every time she cast her line, she reeled in another one!

We told Capt. Ron  he was going to have to do better than this…
So he quickly caught this....

 Some of these bluegill were a really nice size...

Capt. Ron and Lou cleaned the fish.

We  Nonny caught enough fish to have a fish fry for dinner along with Papa’s hand sliced fried potatoes. 

After our fine meal we loaded back up into the pontoon and headed back out.  Capt. Ron quickly caught a nice little bass.

Right in the middle of our pleasant evening a storm blew in, so we high tailed it back home.  Looks like everyone else on the lake had the same idea.

Hope it clears up before morning!


  1. Way to go Nonny! Looks like you all ( at least your mom) are having a great time! I'm oh so envious of your fish fry. MMMM! I guess I'm going to have to go buy some fish at the store to have my fish fry. My boys got skunked yesterday! Well, maybe not skunked, just nothing to bring home to EAT! I hope the sun is shining tomorrow so you can fish some more!

  2. Great post! Wow, the water was up during the spring rains. Looks like some good eating!

  3. Oh, that fried fish looks good!!


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