Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sanibel Island, Day 5

Oh my goodness – how can this possibly be our last full day already? 

First thing this morning we had made plans to meet Pam from  at lighthouse beach.  If you aren't familiar with her blog - go check it out.  We pulled into the lot....

 where you want to be sure you pay for parking.  They monitor those lots pretty closely, so just pay the fee.   Pam was already there waiting for us.  She is just as nice and sweet in person as she is on her blog.  The first thing I did was buy one of her blue iloveshelling tee shirts.  The color is gorgeous and the tee-shirt is as soft and comfortable as can be.  Guess what just became my new, favorite tee shirt??  She took us down to the beach and immediately started finding teeny, tiny wentletraps.  I tried and tried, but I couldn’t find a single one and she kept saying “here’s one, here’s one.”  She has the eye for wentletraps, that's for sure.

We strolled up the beach but the shell selection wasn’t that great.  We found a couple of small sea urchins and a few murex, but other than that, it was slim pickins’.  That was ok though, I just enjoyed talking to Pam and telling her all about geocaching and phooning.  We even had her pose with us for a phooning picture.

That's Pam bringing up the rear and I see more phooning in her future!

After Pam left, we sat on the beach for a while and admired the view of the lighthouse....

and the beach and Ft. Myers in the distance........

And we posed next to some nice uprooted trees....

We then decided to go to Pinocchio’s to get ice cream for lunch.  I always get the Dirty Sand Dollar flavor – YUM!! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon on our beach and then headed off to The Lazy Flamingo for dinner.

Afterwards we stopped and did a couple more geocaches...

 did a little last minute souvenir shopping and took one last phooning photo.... 

Then we high-tailed it down to the beach to watch our final sunset.  I have to say we were not disappointed.

 Then back up to the condo to start packing and crack the window open for one last night of the surf lulling us to sleep.  Come back tomorrow to see which blogger friend I met on the beach while out snapping pictures on our last morning!


  1. Dirty sand dollar is my favorite flavor there too! I always have ulterior motives for heading to the lighthouse end of the island.

  2. I'll have to try the dirty sand dollar the next time we are down there.

    It looks like you had a great time (of course!) and I think I know who you saw on the beach ;)

  3. I love the down low angles you take with some of the photos. I need to try and remember to do that. It might have made for some interesting soccer photos tonight.

  4. Kaybe: I really have a hard time driving past Pinocchios without stopping. I always say I'll try a different flavor, but I never do!

    Della: If you read a bunch of the sanibel blogs, I bet you do too! :-)

    Gayle: for some of those low shots I actually placed my camera on a shell pile and just kept turning the camera and snapping pictures. I got lucky and got some good shots!

  5. Another day in paradise! You really had a fun-filled trip. Now I have no idea who else you met, so I'll be watching for tomorrow's post.

    I agree, Pam really got that phooning post down pat! Isn't it fun to meet our blogging friends in person? Always a good time to had for sure.


  6. I have to say that this was one of my best trips ever and it was because of the wonderful people I've met thru blogging! There was one more person I really wanted to meet, but she was home nursing a sprained ankle. :-(

  7. You girls know how to have some fun! I have been phooning and geocaching..... and talking about phooning and geocaching since we met. I had such a good time meeting yall. Can't wait to see you next year to see what other fun things you have in store. I wish we had better shelling that day but at least we found some wentletraps and Chablis found her baby's ear.

  8. iLS: So glad you enjoyed the caching and the phooning - we'll see what we can work up for next year!


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