Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Cachemobile is a TB

Travel Bugs come in several different forms.  They are usually a numbered dog tag that is attached to another object, like a stuffed animal, a car, a plastic figurine, or maybe even  a coin.   If you remember, I told you about them here.

We have a window cling TB that is attached to our car, and it makes our cachemobile a roving TB.

If any geocachers see our car and TB, they can go online and log in that they've seen it.  So if anyone who reads my blog is a registered geocacher, please go online and log it in.  Be sure to say that you saw it on my blog!


  1. Great idea for a roving travel bug! Do you take it with you when you travel and stick it to the window of your rental car?

    1. That's a great idea - I never thought of that!

  2. Just logged it!! You made that one easy!
    xo Cathy


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