Thursday, September 5, 2013

Revolutionary War Veteran Helmont Kellogg

When we were geocaching in Racine, Wisconsin we stopped at the Sylvania Cemetery to find a geocache called WSQ Helmont Kellogg which was placed in honor of a Revolutionary War Veteran. 

We rarely get to see graves from the Revolutionary War in this area of the country, so I always try to stop if I can find one.  They had a very nice marker describing his service...

I love that his grave had a beautiful American flag blowing in the breeze next to it.

Look at that - Continental Army - how cool is that??

We walked to the rear of the cemetery and quickly found the geocache.  The geocaches are usually hidden away from the graves so they don't disturb anybody or anything.

Afterwards we walked around the cemetery some more just to read the old headstones. 

Cemeteries hold a wealth of information about the past and it's fascinating to read about people from long ago.  What's the oldest headstone you've ever seen?


  1. Revolutionary War graves are not uncommon around my area - one of the benefits of living in a state that was at the heart of the country during that time. I love old cemeteries tho. Walking through history, wondering what lives these folks had touched, or actions they did.

    1. I feel the same way Dave. I can't help but imagine what their lives were like.

  2. Neat post. I've seen some mid 1800s graves. Really makes you pause and think.

  3. Yeah, old cemetaries are fascinating. Such history right there on the tombstones.


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