Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my dad's 80th birthday.  We had a little family party for him and I had a cake made with a dinosaur on it because he's now "an old dinosaur."  

But I'm just kidding about the old dinosaur part. He's very active and likes to get out and about and see new things....

Make new milestones with my mom.....

And he still likes to steer his own course....

A nicer, sweeter man you will never meet.  Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you!!


  1. Your Dad looks awesome for just turning 80! Happy Birthday to your dad, with many happy more!

  2. Lovely post Kim. Wish your Dad a happy birthday from me! J

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He's a very handsome man for 80...or any age! Looks like he enjoys life, too! Happy times...ENJOY!

  4. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me Kim! And may he enjoy many more years of adventurous geocaching with your mom and the rest of your family! :o)

    1. Thanks Cris. I keep telling him the geocaching is the best thing for him. :-)


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