Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Geo-Fish with a Stick

Recently we were out geocaching and we came across a cache hidden high up on this pole.  It was way too high up for us to reach with my metal grabber.  It was even too high to reach if we pulled the car up next to the pole and stood on top of the car like we've been known to do from time to time.  What to do??  Can you see it?

Dad tried reaching it with my hiking pole, but even he couldn't stretch far enough...

We kept trying different things until finally Louie stuck a long tree branch into the sharp end of the hiking pole.

Unfortunately, the branch was a little limp....

But teamwork and persistence paid off....

And the cache was soon in hand!

We signed our names....

And threw that sucker back up where we found it for the next guy!

High fives and a job well done!  We also grabbed a few other nice geocaches that day.  We had a good laugh at this one.  Mom was searching all over for the cache and it was right over her head!

Dad did a little tree climbing...

Mom found a cache hidden on this cannon....

I loved this cache container.  When we opened it up....

... a snake jumped out at us!

This cache was in a cemetery and we enjoyed looking at the old headstones afterwards....

This one was a quick grab....

We found a Veterans Memorial out in the middle of nowhere...

This is a propane tank painted to look like a Chicago Style Hot Dog with all the trimmings.  We do find the strangest things when we geocache sometimes....

By then we were ready for lunch so we stopped at Hagen's Fish Market in Chicago.  I've been eating there since I was a kid and they have the best fried shrimp around.

Any day with geocaching, family and fried shrimp is a good day!


  1. Your fishing skills came in handy! :)

  2. That hot dog tank is a real hoot! Someone did a great job! Fried shrimp-- love it!

  3. Well, what a time! Glad y'all are all so good at this or you might give up! ;) Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. How Awesome was this day?! Looks like you all had a great time and had some great teamwork....thanks for taking us along!! :)

    1. I have to remember to take more videos of us caching.

  5. Interesting pastime- something I've not done- what's with the gloves?

    1. Hi John: Geocaching is a lot of fun. My dad wears gloves for a variety of reasons. When you geocache you are sticking your hands in a lot of places looking for things. First, the gloves keep your hands clean. They also help protect against bee stings. Sometimes trees have sap running and pine needles hurt, so the gloves just add protection. Thanks for coming by. I hope you come back and read more about our caching adventures.


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