Sunday, July 29, 2012

August Lightload Towel Giveaway

The dog days of summer are just around the corner, which is hard to believe, because with the excessive heat we've been experiencing this June and July, I feel like the dogs have trampled me already!  One item that I keep with me at all times is a lightload towel.  Check it out.....

Hard to believe, but these compact little disc's open up to a generous 12" x 12" square.

I did a gear review on these babies last February and I liked them for a variety of reasons.  First off, they are super absorbent.  Second, they are really convenient because of their size.  You can toss one almost anywhere - a pocket, the glove compartment, on the boat, in a tackle box, in your backpack, baby bag, purse, a suitcase.  The possibilities are endless.

Lightload sent me one of their beach size towels to try and I've been using it at the lake all summer.  The beach towels measure a generous 36" x 60".  According to the Lightload website they come in a variety of colors.

I used mine mostly on the pontoon boat and to sit on in the kayak.  It was perfect to use for drying off after  impromptu leaps into the lake.  The beach size towel sells on the Lightload website for $ 9.95.

The Lightload towels come in a variety of sizes - the 12" x 12",  12" x 24" and of course, the full size beach towel.  

They are also extremely affordable - the 12" x 12" package of 2 is only $ 2.75.  Plus, you can get them custom designed with your own logo, which would be a fun idea for a give-away or a company promo.  They sell them on their website and in different stores around the country.

But the towels I really like the most are the 12" x 12" ones.  I tell you, I have used these towels for everything.  I personally keep them in my car, on the boat, in my backpack, my tackle box and in my kitchen.  We've used them to wash dishes, clean the boat, wipe our hands when fishing, sit on when the car seats are hot, in my kayak.   Chablis even keeps one in her purse and when I asked her for it, the first thing she did when we got back home was make me give her another one to stick back in her purse.  She's very possessive about her lightload towels.  They are great!

Are you intrigued?  Would you like to check them out for yourself?  Lightload has generously given me some samples to give away.  Starting today and running until next Saturday, August 4th at 5 pm central time, I'm having a giveaway and 4 lucky people are going to win a package of towels.

How would you like to win a pack?  I'm going to pick 4 winners - It could be you.  It's super easy....

  • Be a current follower of my blog or become a new follower.  Leave a comment telling me which one you are.
  • Please leave another comment in the comments section below, telling me what you'd like to use Light Load Towels for.   That gives you a second chance to win.
  • Go LIKE my Facebook page, post a message on your timeline about the contest and then come back here and leave a separate comment telling me you did.  That gets you a third chance to win.  
I'd like to thank the folks over at Light Load Towels for sponsoring the giveaway.  I love their towels!  I think you will too.  Visit their website for more information.


  1. It looks like the perfect thing to carry in a geocaching bag when one caches with toddlers :)

  2. I already follow you.

    I am Dave DeBaeremaeker, and I approve this message.

  3. I shouldn't enter...I won towels in your last giveaway. But they really are amazing! Anyone would love them for all kinds of uses! I still need to get a beach towel! Hugs!

  4. twisted my arm! heehee! I love these towels and would put some in my travel bag for trips we're planning this Fall. They would really come in handy on a trip! Thank you, sweet friend!

  5. Second chance: would be great to keep in my hiking pack, or in my purse for when I go for walks along the beach in case I decide on an impromptu swim! ;o)

  6. Kim, This is BigAl. I currently follow you on facebook and

    These look really great. We get small ones for the kids for Christmas stocking stuffers; they love them.

    I would use them in my caching bag. You never know when you might need one while out for a cache. Thanks for entering me in the contest. PS. I thought at first they were geocoins. HAhaha.

    Posted to my facebook page.

  7. Hi I'm a long time fan (as you know! :D) I would use these when I am sweating my _______ off in the heat! LOL
    Love you, Kim! ox

  8. Hello. I would definitely keep one in my geocaching bag

  9. I went on your facebook page and left a comment

  10. I love the ones you sent me. They are so handy to keep in my kayak bag.

  11. Kim, I already follow you on Facebook, on your blog, and on CacheCrazy. Since our family often enjoys a picnic during our geocaching outings, I'm sure the towels would be put to good use there. Additionally, they seem like the perfect portable, "do everything" towel to take with you everywhere.

  12. I'm a follower, of course. :)

  13. These look very cool -- I've had the little cheapie washcloths made as novelties for children, but this looks like it would actually be useful! I'd put one in my fly box, take one with me when I shoot to wipe my gun, keep one on the glove box of my car . . . I can think of a million uses!

  14. I'm a follower and I'm dropping by to say hi since I've been gone with my Internet woes for so long! Hmmm... bet that would make a good spit-up rag for the grandbaby. :)

  15. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, right? Are you still doing the second giveaway? (I once again am running behind on the blgos!) :p

    1. Sorry Cris - the giveaway is over. I'll be having another one soon tho.


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