Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marion Pit Barbecue

What's a trip without a little good food?  I had read an article in Southern Living Magazine about good southern Bar-B-Que joints, and it mentioned a place in Marion, Ky. that wasn't too far away from the lake.  So you know me, that has 2 of the main ingredients for a road trip - food and geocaching.

Anytime we go anyplace, I look up the area on my geocaching map and see what geocaches are nearby.  One of the geocaches - Marion's Covered Bridge -  was hidden on an old covered bridge, so we loaded it into the GPS and headed out.  The co-ordinates were off by about 20 feet, but Louie made the find.

We found one more geocache and since it was about 105 degrees in the shade and we were all a hot mess, we decided to forego any more geocaching and go directly to the food.

The Marion Pit Bar-B-Q is located on the main drag in Marion.

It's a small little building and you order at the take out window...

I had a pork sandwich with pickles and a side of potato salad.  The pork was seriously about the best pork I have ever eaten.  It was delicious and tender.  I felt they skimped a little on the barbecue sauce, which was really kind of poured over the pork.  I would have preferred more sauce with the pork kind of swished around in it.  But that's just me. The potato salad was very good as well...

They had a cute little enclosed building with tables so we could sit and enjoy our lunch out of the way of the blazing sun.

After lunch we high-tailed it back to the air conditioned house for a nap.  105 is too hot to do much of anything, even for me.


  1. Mmmmm.....I love a good pulled pork sandwich! Hope the weather cools down for you soon.

  2. Wow 105 is way too hot!

    I have always loved those covered bridges.

    I make bbq pork at least once a easy. At least my way is, and you don't heat the kitchen up, or use the smoker. Put a pork roast in the crock pot all day until it is ready to fall apart. Chop with a cleaver, empty the juices and fat from the crockpot and put the meat back in. Add your favorite sauce. Eat it as is, or put it on a toasted bun. It's good with some cole slaw on it, too :)

    1. Della, right on girl!
      This is the best way to make a batch of pork BBQ. Slow cooker is the way to get moist and tender pork. Try pork tenderloins as they are very lean and the whole muscle cut actually absorbs the moisture and has a nice bite too.
      I'll have mine with extra cole slaw!!!!!

  3. Now Hunny! You have to put your slaw on the sandwich. Nothing like those bbq joints that are off the beaten trail.

  4. Looks like a fun time and those little shops have some of the best eats.
    I can tell you one thing, Kyle is going to be bumming when you guys return to IL. Maybe you can teach him how to drive a snow plow and bring him along? He seems like a good kid. All you guys are good folks!
    Have fun and live it up! even at!

  5. We always love to find those great places to eat..that the locals all go to! And we love good BBQ! Looks good...and hot!

  6. I just did the conversion on that 105ºF... and it's like 40ºC!!! Which for me is MELTING!!! How on earth can you guys deal with that heat? Is it at least dry heat? Or do you have to deal with humidity as well??? I have problems dealing with the Alicante heat in the middle of the day (is usually around 32ºC), but part of the problem is humidity...

    I'm always a bit mystified when people (in the US) say they're eating BBQ as if that was a food type... for me a BBQ is the thingy you grill meat and veggies on in your backyard for a bunch of people!

    1. Cris: see my note below. I hope that kind of explains it.

  7. That was 105 degrees with lots of humidity - the heat index was 112 degrees. It was horribly hot. It was the kind of heat that when we rode the boat across the lake, waves of heat hit us in the face and you could barely breathe. Even I don't like it THAT hot.

    Ok, BBQ.... If you BBQ, then you are grilling something on the grill, like ribs or steak or hamburgers. But if you are HAVING BBQ, then it's the PROCESS of smoking a meat, usually pork, like a pork shoulder and then pulling it apart or slicing it. Some BBQ has a dry rub of spices on it, but some (like me) prefer it to be WET, which then has a sauce on it. You can also smoke ribs or sausage with either a dry rub or wet. Come to the states and I'll take you to a place in Chicago that has great BBQ so you can learn the difference. :-)

    1. so you don't actually barbecue BBQ? weird! BBQ is grilled meat, but "having bbq" is smoked meat... thanks for explaining!


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