Monday, July 16, 2012

Barrettes from Dels Shells

The other day I received an unexpected package from my sweet friend Della, over at Del's Shells.  I am struggling to grow out my hair, but it grows so slowly and I get so frustrated with it.  So Della whipped up a couple of adorable barrettes for me to use.  Aren't they cute?  I can't pick a favorite because I like them all for different reasons.

So if you have beautiful hair, like my daughter or unruly hair like me, go buy some of Del's hair pins and barrettes.  Either way, they will look wonderful in your hair.  She is currently designing some beauties for wedding accessories.

Aren't these gorgeous?

Thanks Della.  I love ya girl!

Visit Del's Etsy Shop.

(all photo's property of Della.  Do not use without permission)


  1. Lovely indeed! :o)

    I haven't used barrettes in years... my hair is so straight it tends to slip out of most things! :p

    Hmmm... random thought! I think I just discovered the origin of the word "barrette"! I was thinking that spelling looked odd in English... then my mind switched to French... and in French a "barrette" is a small bar... which is basically what a barrette is!

    It's funny where the mind takes one when one isn't paying attention... ;o)

    1. Cris, you amaze me - how many languages do you speak?

    2. Fluently 3: English, Spanish and French. Plus I can understand Catalan quite well and speak it a bit, and have some basic German. And a smattering of words in Arabic (I forgot what I once knew... learnt it when I was 7)

  2. This are all just beautiful! Now it will be fun to let your hair grow out. Della makes so many wonderful things...she's always coming up with something new! Enjoy your day!

  3. Your hair will be long before you know it! It seems to take forever to grow, but it will :) Enjoy the hair clips!

  4. Hi kim~
    Del's Barrettes are beautiful!!!
    gotta go see what new neat stuff she's made lately..
    you've been so sweet about visiting and commenting..
    i'm lousy of late..
    my house is utter chaos..
    boxes and crapola everywhere..
    hopefully SOON ..
    we, me and felines3 will be headed southeast to hubby!he is going nuts without us!!!
    anyway..just wanted to say thanks for being such a wonderful, loyal follower /friend!!
    HUGS Loui♥


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