Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cosmetic Bag from Diane's Dream Designs

Whenever possible I like to call on my creative blogger friends to design gifts for me.  After all, they make great things and I like to give them some business when I can.

Many of you are familiar with Diane over at Lavender Dreams.  If you're not, then go over and visit her blog because it's full of interesting and fun posts.  Diane creates a beautiful line of bags - wristlets, cosmetic bags, purses, totes, and shopping bags and sells them through her blog called Diane's Dream Designs.

So anyway, Chablis had a birthday coming up and I had an idea for a cosmetics bag.  I wrote to Diane and asked her if she would design one that was black, with a leopard print ruffle and inner lining.  Diane didn't think it would be a problem and I am so happy with what she did.  So is Chablis, who loved it!

It's technically a cosmetics bag, but today we went out for the day and Chablis threw her sunglasses, tissue, chapstick, contac's case and wallet into it.  She declared it the perfect size bag to use when a regular purse is too large.

I fully agree with her.  Please visit Diane's Dream Designs.  I bet you'll find something you like too!

Today I'm hooking up with Sunny Simple Life!


  1. That is a nice bag! For make-up or a quick day trip...

    Laci and I both have wristlets from Diane, and the are so pretty, well made, and the perfect prints for our uniquely individual tastes. We sure do love them!

  2. That turned out so great! Diane is so creative and I enjoy seeing the things she comes up with. Ann

  3. Diane is so talented. She did a wonderful job creating this!

  4. Oh, she looks so cute! She makes a good model for my bags! Thanks so much for the sweet words of're a true friend! Happy Sunday!

  5. Gorgeous bag!

    You sure do know a lot of talented bloggers! :o)

  6. Cute bag! I must go check Diane's blog out!

  7. I love it and the fact that you designed it for her must have really tickled her. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


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