Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Standing Bear on the AT - July 17, 2012

Last week Mike climbed Mount Bromley and found a ski lodge.  I'd love to get a better look at that view behind him!

This week Mike poses the question "When was the last time you hitchhiked?"  For his hilarious take on hitchhiking, you have to go read his account here.

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(all photos courtesy of Mike McLaughlin and cannot be used without permission.)


  1. That would be quite the adventure...traveling with "Cletus"!

    I've NEVER hitchhiked, and I never pick up hitchhikers. Just in case the Cletus types are the one's thumbing a ride.

  2. The ONLY time (I'm a bit chicken when it comes to that) I've hitch-hiked was in New Zealand 18 months ago.

    I was in one of the more remote areas, Fiordland National Park, and had just finished a very long hike (I think 8h) and when I got the the end of the trail at lake Te Anau and realised I still had probably another hour to get to the town (and shower and dinner and bed) with my feet killing me... I was like "ahhhhh whatever! let's risk hitch-hiking, this is New Zealand, very safe and lots of friendly people". It took 4 cars until someone stopped to pick me up. A nice couple in their 50s. Making conversation I ask where they're from. "Canada" Where in Canada? "Small town you've probably never heard of: Jasper" WHAAAAAAAAT??? I've spent summers up at Jasper (in the Canadian Rockies), my great-uncle had a cabin there by Lake Edith! (is now one of his sons). "Really? What's their name? I spent a lot of time when I was younger with the kids who summered at the Lake". I say "Foy". "No way!!! Patrick (my dad's cousin) and Shauna Foy are good friends of ours and we went hiking with them a few weeks ago before starting this trip!"

    Small world, eh? ;o)

    1. That's an amazing story and just goes to show you what a small world it can be sometimes.


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