Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm on Lake Time

Lake Time means bathing suits.  The lake house is extremely informal and most of us wear bathing suits from dawn til dusk.  I'm happiest when dripping bathing suits and damp towels are hanging from anything.  That means that everyone is having a good time!

Ahhhhhh........  Lake Time!


  1. Me too. I even keep extra bathing suits around for unprepared guests. Your place looks like so much fun. I bet you could captain a mean houseboat!

    Take good care,


  2. I love this post and your pics! I could use a little "lake time" or "beach time" myself!

  3. Even a couple of days is a big help for the soul!

  4. Our beach house looks just like this! Towels and suits EVERYWHERE...and no care in the world. Just the way we like it ;)

  5. I love these pictures. Makes me want summer back! Looks like a lovely place.

  6. Hi Beth: These pictures were taken on Kentucky Lake in northwestern Kentucky.


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