Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hudson Gardens and the Columbine Memorial

We stopped to walk through Hudson Gardens while out in Colorado and am I glad we did.  If you like flowers, then this is the place to go - gorgeous!!

This was a kaleidoscope and I thought it would be interesting to take a shot looking through the tube...

I am drawn to statues, especially ones of children or animals....

I love miniature trains....
Water gardens are my favorite...

It was horribly hot out so we found a place to lay in the shade and watched the clouds float by overhead...

Even this adorable little bunny was hiding from the heat....
We walked a whole loop around the gardens and it was quite pretty and a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

The next location we visited was highly emotional for all of us.  We visited the Columbine Memorial which honors the memory of the 12 students and 1 teacher who were brutally murdered in the massacre at Littleton's Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.   This senseless act changed the way Americans looked at safety issues at our schools. 

The memorial is located in Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado and directly behind Columbine High School.  

In the center is the Wall of Remembrance.  Each victim's family provided a personal reflection that honors that victim and it was engraved on an individual slab for each.  They were beautifully written and heartbreaking to read.  We slowly made our way around the circle, reading each tribute and dwelling on the lives lost.  By the time we finished walking the circle, we were all crying.

(Out of respect for the victims I did not take photos of the Remembrance stones)

Surrounding the Ring of Remembrance is a water fountain and the Wall of Healing.  The Wall of Healing was designed to honor those who were injured and the first responders.

The wall plagues contained personal quotes of students, a message from President Clinton, and thoughts from parents.  Many of them mentioned that they didn't understand how this could happen, or why it could happen, or how it had changed their lives forever.   Again, out of respect, I didn't photograph the plagues.

Afterwards we silently walked up the paved path to the top of the hill.

That white building in the background is Columbine HS.

As we climbed the hill, a rainbow appeared....

If that isn't symbolic, then I don't know what is.  If you're ever in the Littleton area, please stop by and see the Memorial.  It is emotionally moving beyond words.  It will make you stop and reflect.  And it will certainly make you hug your kids a little tighter tonight.


  1. The Hudson Gardens are beautiful. I'd love to spend a day lounging there.

    So much senseless tragedy today....

  2. I understand exactly how you daughter Jess graduated from Virginia Tech, was there during the shooting, and was living in that very dorm. We were involved in all of the happenings of that tragedy to help anyone we could, especially Jess!! I believe she and the VT community have gained great strength...those at Columbine as well...Family and community are so, so important!! Thanks for sharing with us, I would really like to take that trip one day!!


  3. Cheri your heart had to be in your throat. What a nightmare. Thank god she was ok.

  4. The Hudson Garden are so beautiful!

    So many horrible things in our world. It truly is heart wrenching.

  5. LOVE IT! In PA, we have the highly regarded, Philadelphia Flower Show annually. Little known fact about Bloodhounded is: I am pretty handy with flower arranging. I can get a cut mixed bouquet and some ferns, baby breath and a vase and presto-metro-man-poof a beautiful flower arrangement for a fraction of the price. I actually love flowers and I'm manly enough to say that, so there, lol!

  6. Lol. Sounds like the possible makings for a geocache container.


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