Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Milestones - 1600

Today we found our 1600th geocache.  We actually had a pretty good month because I think we did about 100 this month alone. 

When we left for work this morning I grabbed my caching bag and told Louie that I wanted to stop and grab 5 caches today so we'd hit 1600 on the last day of August.  In between seeing clients we managed to grab 3 caches by lunchtime.

This one was in a nice park, underneath the bench....

 Can you see it?

We still had 2 more to go, so after dinner (homemade pepper steak and it was good!)  Louie told me to get the bag and we'd try to go get the last 2.  One was in a pine tree in a park - fast and easy.

The 1600th one was a good one.  It's hidden in a cemetery, amongst graves from the 1800's, way up in a huge old tree.  But we were prepared....

Louie had his collapsible ladder in the back of the cachemobile, so he went back to the car and grabbed it.  He set it up against the tree......

I scampered up and made the quick grab, signed the log, he snapped my picture and we were in and out of there in less than 5 minutes!

Woo-hoo!!  1600!


  1. Well done! Somebody moved the penguin on Manasota Key. I was so sad.

  2. Wow! Congrats! You are going to hit 2000 before you know it!

  3. L love the way Louie just happens to have a collapsible ladder in his cachemobile. He is the poster child for husbands everywhere! Way to go Lou!
    Congratulations guys!

  4. Brian: my friends, Tom and Mary, are booked with you for December. Be sure to take them to do the cache on Cayo Costa.

    Kaybe: I'm sad that penguin is missing. He was so cute. :-(

    Della: My goal is to hit 2000 by the end of the year!

    Kevin: You crack me up! We've taken to keeping that ladder in the car. It really comes in handy.

  5. Woot! 1600 what a milestone! Lots more fun to be had I bet!
    xo Cathy


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