Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's All About the Teamwork

Recently I had the pleasure of spending 5 hours in the woods with several of my geocaching friends.  Eight of us got together to tackle a 5 stage multi-cache, and grab a couple of other geocaches along the way. Since this multi-cache is a difficult one that involves some problem solving, I'm not saying which geocache it was.  I'm also not going to show you all the stages.  But I will share some of the highlights of the day with you.

Here's our Dream Team setting off in the morning....

The woods are gorgeous this time of year.  It was chilly when we left with temperatures hovering around 32 degrees....

Each stage of the multi had something different that we had to look for.  Some of the clues were very well hidden.  2 stages took us an hour each to find - with 8 people.  So it was pretty difficult.

Between the multi-cache and the other ones we grabbed, we had to rely on each other....

Think outside the box....



Trek through waist high brush....

Tumble around on the ground.....(personally I think Dina is telling Bret to move his big head out of the way)


Cry...  Ok, Walt wasn't really crying, and he did give it his best shot....

Reached new heights....

Forded streams.....

And after 5 hours we solved the multi-cache and got a few additional ones as well...

I highly encourage you to cache with others once in awhile.  It's a great way to make new friends, promote teamwork and just have a great time!

(some photos courtesy of Mary Muchowicz.  Do not use without permission)


  1. The first thing I thought was OMG you are all wearing coats! It is a beautiful area, and I see some fall colors. It looks fun to go as a group. Did you know any of these people before you started geocaching?

    1. The fall colors are beautiful already. And no, I didn't know any of these people before geocaching.

  2. Looks like you guys had FUN!!!

    But OMG 32ºF?! Yikes! Here in the middle of the day it sometimes seems like we're going to reach 32ºC again (i.e. a horribly hot August day), but fortunately it hasn't gone above 28ºC! :p

    Great geocaching action shots! :D

    1. It was so hot here all summer and it seems like the temperatures have gotten cold fast this year. Coats and hats are out early this year.

  3. Love the fall colors! Ours are just starting to turn.

  4. That really does look like fun. I could use some big strong men to help with some of those finds! And your woods look beautiful at this time of year! I had my flannel vest on today....coats the last couple of days! It's COLD here in the mountains...well, the 50s today! lol Hugs!

  5. Looks like fun was had by all!! I'm so jealous of you FALL leaves ;-) I don't miss the snow, but i DO miss that!

  6. I bet there is not a cache around you all could'nt find!

  7. I love the woods and love, love, love your big trees. What a beautiful place for an adventure. I think Nick's Ninja claws would have been perfect for you.

    1. Those ninja claws would have been prefect on 2 different stages of that cache. We would have been in and out in no time then. :-)


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