Sunday, October 28, 2012

I See You

This little guy stopped by for a visit!

Only a few more days til Halloween!

Don't forget to hit the link and time warp over to CacheCrazy for "A Hypnosis Possession."  One new tale each day from now until Halloween.  See you there. Oh, and I hope you can sleep tonight.  LOL!!!


  1. isn't it a little chilly for the grasshoppers to be out and about up there? That's one brave hopper!

    1. This photo was actually taken the other day in Kentucky. It was about 55 degrees out that day. The next day it went down to 30, so I guess the grasshoppers aren't hopping around too much anymore. LOL!

  2. He would have blown away if he had been here today! Enjoy your week...I'm off to read more scary stories before bedtime! heehee!


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