Friday, December 9, 2011

Sanibel Shellin' Sistah's!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Sanibel Island Lover - Moira.

Moira and I started talking to each other through the Sanibel Island Message Board a couple of years ago.  She'd make a trip down to the island and I'd ask her about it.  Then I'd make a trip and she's ask me about it.  We'd share tips about where to find shells, where we were eating meals, where we were staying, favorite beaches.  Both of us share such a love for this same small island off the coast of Florida.  Last year we realized that we live less than an hour away from each other.  Since then, we've been plotting and planning to meet for lunch.

Because of Saibel, we share a common thread that winds around many of the same people we've met while on the island, or through blogging.  Both of us have met Pam, from iloveshelling.  If you want to know anything about what's happening on the island, go to her blog.  She knows everyone and everything!

Moira and I both frequent blogs called  The Essential Beachcomber and Shellbelles Tiki Hut.  Both are top notch blogs and you should give them each a look.  I had the pleasure of hunting for sharks teeth with Karen from The Essential Beachcomber and we had a blast!

Moira and I also both took day trips with Captain Brian this past summer as well.  If you're on Sanibel, do not miss an opportunity to take a cruise with this man of the sea.  Not only is he an accomplished photographer, but he knows the good shelling spots, charms the dolphin so we can snap photos, points out local flora and fauna and he slices up a mean watermelon as well.

So after many months of unexpected delays, Moira and I were finally able to arrange a meeting for yesterday.  We sat for 2 hours and talked non-stop.  Meeting Moira in person was like seeing an old friend.

We had such a good time talking about Sanibel and shelling and all the bloggers we have in common.  We both wore our Sanibel Island shirts that we purchased from the iloveshelling gift shop.  Pam, we did that especially for you!!  Darn, we should have phooned......

It was such fun getting to meet another fellow Sanibel Shelling Sistah - They're a very special breed!


  1. What luck! I often envy my fellow bloggers when I read about you guys getting together... seems wonderful to have the chance to meet in person! Next time I'm in the States I might have to plan a zig-zag trip across the country just so I can meet the people whose wonderful lives I've shared online for the past couple of years! ;o)

    Sounds like you guys made the most of a fabulous occasion! :o)

  2. Your smile says it all! I can just imagine the nonstop chatter between you two! I hope to meet several bloggers I've met online :D

  3. This is one of the reasons why I blog and why I love Blogland! You know I adore you both and the fact that you finally met in "real" life is just the coolest thing! I so wish I could have been there with you both, but we know that one day we will ALL meet on Sanibel Island!

    Also yesterday, my friend Jane of Artfully Graced met for lunch with Debbie of Love of the Sea' who I had the pleasure of meeting up with last year on, of all places, Sanibel Island!

    Oh yes, we are kindred spirits and definitely Sisters of the Sea! Hugs to you both.

  4. How fun!! That sounds like a good time!

  5. I've always wondered what it would be like to meet someone I *know* through blogging. I swear I know some bloggers better than my own family!! What a treat for you.

    So is the snow falling? Are you plowing? I hope mountains upon mountains fall for you. :)

  6. I have had the pleasure of meeting several blogger friends so far and all of them have somehow been connected to Sanibel Island. Sanibel Island attracts wonderful people you know! Have you been there Gayle? I thought maybe you had. I love Shellbelles idea of a huge meeting on Sanibel. Wouldn't that be fun?

    We had a small amount of snow last night - our first this year. We were up at 2:30am and out in our lots. You can keep sending your snow our way, thank you very much!

  7. You girls are THE CUTEST! Isn't it an incredible time in our lives that we can meet such amazing people (FRIENDS!) through blogs. I am soooo tickled that you both wore your iLS tee shirts....AND those big beautiful smiles! It looks like yall talked so long that you shut down the place. Did they have to kick you out? LOL I wish we could plan something for a big blog party on Sanibel! I am definitely not a good planner but I might roll the idea around in this rattle trap brain and see if I can come up with something. Cause this picture is inspiring!

  8. Snowbird and I were talking last night about how many of us met through that BOSC board! Very cool.

  9. Pam: LOVE that idea - something around August or Sept. of next year would work for me!!!

    GPC: Thank you for stopping by. I really wanted to meet Snowbird and never got the chance when I was on the island, altho I did find a geocache outside the park where she lives.

  10. So awesome that you got to meet up! Sounds like you guys need to arrange to be in Sibella at the same time ;-) Now, your mission is to get her hooked on geocaching!

  11. Looks like you had fun...wish I was there! heehee! I love the weather we are having, wish I was closer to the beach! But I'm happy for you and love to share your fun! ♥♥♥

  12. Erika: we already have plans to go geocaching the next time we have lunch!

    LD: Your weather is probably MUCH better than ours. 20 degrees right now. I wish I were closer to the beach too.

  13. Both of you are great! I enjoyed taking both of you shelling. I liked Pam's idea of a blog party. I can help set it up. Captain Brian

  14. Brian: That's a good idea - plus, you will be like the only guy on a boat load of women - How fun will that be??? We might have to borrow the BIG boat from Captiva Cruises! LOL! I am liking this idea.


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