Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Festivus 2

Sunday morning Louie and I got up early and headed out to grab a few caches before football started at noon.   We wanted to get the 2 remaining caches that had been released for the Festivus party because I hadn't gotten them on Friday night.  While we were out we grabbed 6 additional caches that were in the area.  So we got 8 caches in about an hour and a half and made it back home in time to thrown a pot roast in the oven to eat during the first football game.  Not bad, huh?

My favorite cache of the morning was called "Festivus 2 I Got a Problem With You People.  GC38HNB  This cache was placed in a nice little wooded area that runs right through the middle of a neighborhood.  We took a short hike down a trail that was lightly dusted with snow.......

There were actually 2 caches placed along this trail, but the one I really liked was placed way at the back end of the woods.  We had to cross a partially frozen stream and scramble up an embankment.....

Once on the other side of the stream it didn't take us too long to find the cache.  The cache itself was a nice size lock and lock container.  I dropped off a TB (travel bug) that I had picked up at the Festivus party...

On our way back to the cachemobile, we stopped to check out 2 man made shelters that we saw off the trails.....

Fortunately, nobody was home - I'm sure glad I'm not living back there!


  1. I keep telling myself it isn't too late too get off my butt and be active. You are such an inspiration to me.

  2. You are really racking up those caches lady! Good job! I love those shelters...they would have been fun to play in as a kid ;)

  3. Gayle: you got it all wrong - you're the one who is always the inspiration!

    Della: I would have wanted to play in those as a kid too!

  4. You have so much fun...makes us all want to join in! And thanks so much for the sweet comment this means a lot to me! ♥♥♥

  5. kim..
    Thanks for popping by again..
    you are photos are my way of journaling my life..
    guess i should really one of these days get it all published for story and photos..current -back about 6 paternal generations!!
    now to get up and get busy..
    warmest hugs..

  6. We used to geocache a lot but haven't since we moved back to Illinois. The kids really enjoy it - I think it's time for us to start again:)

  7. Laima: A fellow cacher - Welcome!! There are lots of good caches in your area. I'd definitely start up again. Let me know if you do!

  8. I love seeing the snowy images you post each time you go caching this winter, makes it feel more like Christmas! Much as I enjoy the sun and warmish weather, it feels really odd at this time of the year! :p

  9. I am constantly amazed at how many caches you find! And wondering who resides in those shelters....
    xo Cathy

  10. Those shelters are pretty awesome! THAT'S where a cache should have been hidden ;)


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