Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FTF Geocacher Magazine

FTF Geocacher Magazine is a really good magazine dedicated to the hobby of Geocaching.  A lot of the content is written by different geocachers from across the country.  It features stories about FTF's (First to Finds), interesting geocaches, individual geocacher milestones, GPS information and highlights about events like Geowoodstock and Flash Mobs.  It's crammed full of information on how to geocache in general, travel bugs, geo-coins and typical swag.  Plus, there are dozens of beautiful photos of cachers and geocaches in every issue.  The magazine is very nicely done, with superb photo defination and thick, glossy pages.  You can feel the excellent quality of the magazine when you hold it in your hands.

FTF Magazine is published bi-monthly.  I just wish it was a monthly magazine because it's always interesting to read.  Editor/Owner is Keith Petrus and he's currently working with I Tunes in an effort to get all the issues published as an I Pad App, which is a big plus for I Pad users.  So far the current 2011 issues are available.  I'm thinking of switching over to that option myself.  I understand that plans are also in the works for Android Tablet Distribution as well.

My favorite activity once I receive the magazine is to pour over all the highlighted geocaches and find ones from around the country that I'd like to do.  They get added to one of my ever-present bookmark lists.

Every issue has a "Where's Sparticus" contest.  Find Sparticus  hidden someplace in the magazine,  e-mail the page number to the magazine website and your name is entered into a drawing for one of their cool Sparticus pathtags.  Fun huh?

This last month I was featured in the magazine.  Keith was looking for stories from geocachers about what they would do to get a cache.  I submitted this little post.....

I'm afraid it's an unflattering rear view shot of me and for that I apologize.  LOL!  But the cache was SO worth it to get!

Here Mary and I are calculating how far in we've got to go...

Once inside, you have to locate a specific rock and take a photo of yourself holding it as proof that you grabbed the cache.  Not easy to do while laying on your stomach in a hole that's only about 2.5 feet wide, while propping up a flashlight, holding a rock in one hand, and balancing your camera in the other so you can take a picture of yourself.  Then you have to also sign the log book and slowly back your way out again.

Mary and I both claimed a smiley on this one!

Most geocachers would enjoy this magazine. Keith encourages everyone to write stories, send in photos or their milestones for publication.  Let me tell you, it's quite a thrill to open the magazine and see one of your pictures or stories in the current issue!

If you're interested in FTF Geocacher Magazine you can order it through their website.

They also have a FB page.  Check it out.  If you're a geocacher, it's a must read!


  1. Wow! Now that sounds like one crazy caching adventure! And congrats on your story being in the magazine! :o)

  2. Congrats on being featured! That is so cool! I could not have climbed into that little space. You are so brave.

  3. Cool! I would never try that cache, I'd be stuck there for days!


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