Thursday, December 1, 2011

Geocaching on Sanibel Island

 I’ve been asked by my dear friend Della from Del’s Shells to do a guest post and explain a little bit about my favorite hobby, Geocaching.  She thought her readers would enjoy hearing about my fun excursions while looking for hidden treasures.

Geocaching is quickly becoming a popular worldwide hobby.  Here’s the basic premise:  Geocachers hide objects, post the GPS co-ordinates on the geocaching website, and then other geocachers go find the object.  It’s kind of like a modern game of hide and go-seek.  Once you find the object, you don’t take it.  You sign the logbook inside, replace the geocache where you found it so others can also find it and then record your find online at the geocaching website.  Visit the official geocaching website for more information and to sign up -   It’s free to sign up!

One of my favorite places to visit is Sanibel Island, Florida.  Every time we vacation there, we make sure to find a couple of geocaches.  All the caches I’m going to show you are hidden on Sanibel Island.

This cache was hidden under some exposed tree roots, near a beach….

 This box was hidden on a gazebo, overlooking a nice stream….

Sanibel has an historic lighthouse and this cache was hidden close to the lighthouse.  The lighthouse is located at the eastern end of the island and it’s an interesting place to discover and explore.

There’s an intriguing story behind this small cemetery and it’s a beautiful setting and its fun to walk around and look at all the headstones that are decorated with seashells.  There’s no cache hidden here, but you do have to get some information off of a particular headstone and mail in the answer in order to get credit for the cache.  This is the cache number GCD6EE (Near the Chapel).  Click on the link to see what a cache page looks like. 

This next cache was hidden almost in plain sight on the street, in front of someone’s house.  I’ll bet a geocacher lives there…..

I really enjoyed this next cache.  We had to walk about a mile down a beach in order to find this nicely hidden cache.  We also looked for shells the entire time and then swam our way back afterwards.

This cache was hidden behind the island grocery store, and very near a small pond.

The location of this cache was outside a mobile home park, and inside the park is a small petting zoo for kids to visit.  Check out that cool tree!

Another thing I really like about geocaching is that it takes me to places I would probably have never found otherwise.  I’ve been going to Sanibel Island for years and never knew about this great lookout tower.  Yep, a cache was hidden there and the view from the top was wonderful!  Imagine looking all over this structure to find a hidden cache.

I’ve tried to show you several different types of hides and different kinds of cache containers.  I can almost guarantee you that no matter where you go or where you live, there is probably a geocache hidden very close by.  Geocaching is really lots of fun and kids in particular enjoy the thrill of the hunt. 

I’d like to thank Della again for letting me share this with you.  If anyone is interested in giving it a try, please feel free to visit my blog for lots more information on the topic.

Happy caching!


  1. You always make Geocaching sound like quite an adventure! :o)

  2. I never paid any attention till you showed me that little penguin on Manasota Key. I really should get a gps & try to do a few on my own. Nice post.

  3. I love this post! You are a "true" geocacher and believe me, I can tell the difference!
    Nice writing and great pics with very interesting content makes this post and it's author - A 10

  4. I bet you could find a cache every place you go!!
    xo Cathy

  5. Cathy: Yes, I could - they are all over !! LOL!

  6. I was working at the pharmacy last week and a young woman came in with her children...she was geocaching way up here at Houghton Lake!!! I told her about you, and how you go all over the place!!! We spent two weeks on Sanibel last Spring! How neat!

  7. Debbie: That is so cool! See, geocachers are all over the place. LOL. I Love Sanibel!! Do you go there often?

  8. This really makes me wish I had some more time for caching while I was there! I think next time I'll have to rent my own car so my BFF can go shopping and I can go caching ;-)

  9. EJ: There are so many good caches on Sanibel - you have to go back and do some of them.


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