Friday, December 30, 2011

Moving Maurie the TB

Last week I picked up a TB (travel bug) named "Superdawg Maurie" at a geocaching event.  According to Maurie's TB page  My mission is to travel the US (and abroad) from cache to cache, visiting your FAVORITE Hot Dog Joynts. Please take a picture of me in front of the sign or in the restaurant. PLEASE don't keep me - my secondary goal is to meet up again someday with my longtime love & partner, Flaurie!!

Superdawg is a world famous hot dog stand in Chicago.  I grew up not far from Superdawg and have eaten there more times than I can count or care to admit.  They have GREAT hot dogs.   Maurie and Flaurie were the original owners, so somebody made a pair of TB's out of their official softee figures in their honor.  Cute idea, huh?  Here's what the Maurie and Flaurie TB's look like....

In keeping with the mission of Maurie, we took him to Paradise Pup in Des Plaines, IL.  Paradise Pup has great hot dogs, and was actually featured on the Food Network TV show "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives."

And since we were so close to the original McDonald's, also in Des Plaines, we stopped by for a photo there as well.  I know they don't sell sell hot dogs, but hey,  it's the original McDonalds.  There is also a multi stage geocache there, but we've already done it.  GCR2YT

We have several geocaching events coming up in the next few weeks, so Maurie will be passed along some time soon.


  1. Is Maurie a plush toy? Whoever made him did an awesome job! Have fun on your caches!!!

  2. I love to watch travel stuff although it's a part of the game I do not personally play. My fear is the same as with geocoins, if I start, I'll never stop! lol! I love the pictures, so funny! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's a cool little fellah! But seems a bit big to fit in most of the caches you've shown us... I guess you can't just pass him on anywhere?

  4. Cris: you are correct. He needs to go into an ammo can or be passed along at an event, which is what I'll probably do with him. He's a fun one for good photo opportunities!

  5. That hot dog man has been to more places than I have!!!!!

  6. That hot dog man has been to more places than I have!!!!!

  7. Just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by and reading Jen's story. Just wish everyone could/would read it..
    my Dad was also hit by a drunk driver,he survived..
    the drunk died at the scene..
    he also left behind 3 small children and a pregnant wife..
    thanks again..


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