Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Refinished Make Up Table and Armoire

Chablis had an old make up table that we bought her when she was in grade school, and she decided to refinish it.  We removed the mirror and drawer, gave it a good sanding....

....then painted, distressed and waxed it.  The mirror side panels will hold photos and the mirror itself actually swings open for jewelry storage.

This armoire was one of the first pieces that we bought at a garage sale in the spring.  It was painted a hideous streaked brown and green.  The windows in the upper doors had decorative plastic pieces that we immediately ripped off.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the before on that.  The molding around the inside of the glass was also badly chipped.  Paint drips and drools were streaked down behind the molding and were visible from the front.  We ended up completely taking apart the doors, removing all the glass, scraping and cleaning it and then re-installing it.

Chablis gave the entire piece a good sanding and cleaning....

And then we applied 2 coats of a lovely grey/green paint that we then distressed and waxed.  The original hardware cleaned up beautifully by soaking it for a few hours in some vinegar.

Chablis is thinking of using it for her TV and DVD player.  There's a nice drawer for remote controls and plenty of storage for DVD's in the bottom.

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  1. A lot of work! Great results though!

  2. Wow Kim .... great job on both pieces. I absolutely love the makeovers. I think the armoire will make a great TV / Entertainment Center for Chablis. And the vanity table is so cute too.

    1. We managed to finish everything we had stashed in the garage. We're all clear until next spring now. :-)

  3. Brings back memories- when I was young my mother was always refinishing furniture

  4. Nice work ladies! Both pieces are beautiful.

  5. Those both look great! I love the grey color you chose for the 2nd piece, looks really beautiful!


  6. You two are a couple of pros now!! Nice job and I love that make up table!!!


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