Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Gifts - Round About Caddy

A couple of weeks ago I shared my friend Carey's newest business venture with you - 31 Gifts by Care with Style.  Carey is really enjoying her new business and has been kept busy with fund raisers, internet orders and home parties. 

She sent me a copy of the fall catalog and I fell in love with the Round About Caddy.  I love the plum color and I wanted to share a picture of my 31 Round About Caddy with you.  See the nail file poking out of the pocket?  That's a 31 item as well.

 It's technically called the Round-About Caddy in Plum Awesome Blossom, and it retails for $25... personalization available for an extra $7.   I love how versatile it can be used as a craft caddy for kids, shelling, in the shower, and so much more...people are always coming up with different uses.  It has nice pockets and sturdy handles and is easily washable.  I really needed a garbage can in my car and I thought this would work perfectly.  So I took a grocery bag and used it as a liner....

It sits nicely behind the drivers seat.  It sure is handy!

The holidays are coming up and now is the perfect time to host an on-line party and earn some free gifts for yourself while you get some holiday shopping out of the way.  And right now the 7 travel items are all half-price this month with every $35's a really good deal.

You can go directly to Carey's 31 page here.  She also has a special VIP Group on FB, so if you're interested in joining it, you will get all the latest specials and deals.  Just leave a message in the comments section and Carey can contact you with information on how to get into her group.  I also have a board for Carey's stuff on my Pinterest so go check it out. 


  1. What an awesome review, Kim, thank you! I'm so glad you love your Round-About Caddy! It really is a versatile item. I can't wait to take it with me to Sanibel, so I can shell in style! :)

  2. Hi Kim! Oh, that's a great little item. I'm sure it does work well as a trash container in your car. It's cute too.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    1. It sure helps to keep my car cleaner. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Great creative idea! I 'll have to check out the site! Did I see somewhere on your blog you visited Antique Archeology? I've always wanted to get down there. Did you get to meet the American Picker guys?
    Thanks for being such a faithful commenter! I can always count on you having encouraging words! You make my day! ; )


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