Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walking the Kentucky Lake Shoreline

Last weekend we were at Kentucky Lake for a few days of deer hunting.  Thursday dawned cool and foggy, so this was the view off the back deck when I woke up...

The TVA dropped the lake to winter pool, as they do every year.  I hate it when they do that because the lake levels are too low and we won't be able to get our boat to our dock until sometime in the spring...

The only good thing about the low water level is that we like to walk the shoreline and poke around to see what we can find, like these raccoon prints in the muck....

This area is usually under 6 feet of water, so it's interesting to see the contours of the rocky bottom.

One spot has an old barge half sunk against the shoreline and piled with rock to act as a breakwater wall. We climbed out onto it to check it out...

Since the water is low, we could actually see inside the rusted out barge....

The last of the leaves are falling and by the time we get back down there, the trees should be bare.  I think the leaves look pretty laying along the shoreline tho, don't you?


  1. Although it is a real bummer that you can't dock the boat right now, it sure is pretty, and seeing the barge is cool too. The leaves do look pretty along the shore :)

  2. Beautiful scenery. The upside of the low lake level is all of the cool things you have seen and more treasures to uncover! Thanks for sharing your nice pics!

  3. Amazing what you find when the lake level drops!

  4. Very cool little exploration! I love to poke around water when it's low, look for fishing lures and just kibitz around.
    Great pics and post as always!

  5. That looks like so much fun. I love exploring when the water is down. So much to find :)

  6. looks like you had a nice time exploring. Love that shot with the leaves on the water! Beautiful!


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