Saturday, November 10, 2012

Deer Hunting November 2012

It's deer hunting season again and we are spending a lot of time out in the woods.  So far we've gotten one doe.  It's just a great time of year to be outside - it's not too cold yet, which I like.

This is the view from our tree stand.  There are still quite a few leaves on the trees.

This cute little guy was the only thing we saw the other day....

The guys spent quite a bit of time looking for some key locations to set up their camera's to see what type of action we are getting on the deer property when we aren't there.

I spent my time taking pictures of mushrooms....

And of Kyle getting loose with the gator....

But all their hard work and planning paid off - now we just have to actually see one of these guys when we are out there.....

Shotgun season opens today.....


  1. It will be interesting to see what turns up. It is amazing how we see deer almost daily around here, and this week they pretty much disappear!

  2. Come sit on my front porch - we have a regular bunch that hangs out here from does to 10-point bucks. I'll provide drinks and snacks and my landscaping will thank you. The Hound will also gladly keep you company.

  3. Good luck! My husband just got back from a week-long elk hunting trip. His party bagged three bulls, so we will be having elk steaks this winter! :)

  4. ohhh nice captures on the game camera. Our big boy got away last week. I am hoping we get a cold snap to draw him back out, it has been way to warm around here for good hunting. Good luck!

    1. It was actually way too warm today - 70 degrees. Nice for me but not so good for the hunting. Saw a 4 pt. buck but let him go in hopes of something better coming along tomorrow.

  5. Impressive deer! At least you know there are some around there, good luck!

  6. Nice wild hormone-free organic meat for the freezer.

  7. Oh I envy you getting your own meat not full of crap. Good luck.

  8. Good luck! I hope you get a big buck!


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