Thursday, November 8, 2012

Randhurst Mall Sand Sculptures

Celebrating their 50th anniversary last week, Randhurst Mall in Mount Prospect, Illinois featured some Halloween fun last Saturday   My mom and dad went over to check out the festivities and mom got some nice shots of the sand sculptures.  Aren't these cool?

I wish I could have seen how they made them.  Thanks mom for providing the photos!

(photos courtesy of KAG.  Please do not reproduce without permission)


  1. Fabulous! I'm always amazed by the incredible work sand sculptors do...

  2. These are cool! I used to watch a sand sculpting show on tv where they build them, and they just may get their sculpture blown up and have to start all over. It was so sad to see them blown to pieces :(

  3. Those are really cool! Thanks for posting!

  4. OMG.... it takes me four or five tries to comment on your blog. Either my Internet or my computer just don't work in some places.

    Anyhow... amazing shots. I would never have the patience to create those sculptures.

  5. They really are wonderful works of art! So much detail! WOW!


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