Friday, May 11, 2012

Scenes From the Lake

While Louie has been fishing his bass tournament, I've been busy catching up on some stuff around the lake house. On Tuesday I repainted my lawn furniture but I didn't take a picture so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I sat and watched my baby geese playing in the shallow water.....

Then took some photos of my flowers...

Yesterday, I started to wash my carpets.  I like to clean the carpets every spring.  I got up yesterday with every intention of cleaning the carpets in the sunroom, the front room and the dining room.  It's rather time consuming since I like to move all the furniture, vacumn first and then wash the carpets.  So I started at 6:30 am and by 8:00 I had gotten the sunroom and front room completely done.  I was busy shoving the dining room furniture around when my phone rang.  It was my friends Rodney and Jamie, calling to tell me they were on their way over to kidnap me and take me bluegill fishing.  I just love my bad influence friends!  All thoughts of carpet cleaning went right out the window.  By the time I threw on my shorts and tee shirt and grabbed my hat, they were already in the driveway and off we went!

We had a perfect day on the lake, got a little sun burned and caught a basket full of fish....

It does not get any better than that.  Hey Jamie, y'all can come interrupt my carpet cleaning anytime!!

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  1. Those goslings are adorable!!!

    And yeah, that fishing looks A LOT more fun than rug cleaning! :D

  2. You are a lucky lady to have good friends like that! Fishing beats cleaning any day of the week ;)

    Pretty flowers!

  3. Great photos, Kim; you're making me homesick for my lake house. I'm going up on Monday to prepare for the renovations that are starting Tuesday: new kitchen countertop and floor, addition of 3rd bedroom upstairs and some lesser fix-it projects here and there. They say it'll all be done for Mem. Day Wknd. I admire you for being so thorough in your cleaning. Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

    1. Oh, I'd love new countertops! Take pictures when they're done.

  4. Nice flower photos. Yep, I'll do anything to get out of housecleaning!

  5. Sounds like my kinda friends!! ...and nice haul of fish!

  6. You gotta be a good fish cleaner to tackle the stump knockers. I could sit & watch baby ducks for hours (& just did) While waiting for the hubby I sat on a pond filled with birds alas no camera.


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