Monday, May 28, 2012

Congratulations Chablis!

On Saturday my daughter graduated from college!

And she graduated Magna cum laude, of which I am so extremely proud of her.  School has never been easy for her.  In fact, when she was in grammar school I occasionally had my doubts on whether she'd finish high school.  She had a hard time with math - every single year.  She did poorly on any kind of test.  It took her hours to do her homework.  There was often crying and screaming and meltdowns involved.  I'm embarrassed to say that on more than one occasion I threw her math book across the kitchen in frustration.  School was never easy for her.

In high school she learned how to study.  She learned how to write really good papers.  She still suffered through math.  But she gained confidence. She studied for hours on end.  After the first semester of her freshman year, she managed to make the honor roll every time.

When she started college, she earned a scholarship to help pay for some of her tuition.  In order for her to keep the scholarship, she had to maintain a B average.  The pressure was on.  Again, math was a thorn in her side.  She studied, she cried, she had at least one melt down per semester.  "It's too hard, I hate school, I'll never finish," were all words that flew from her mouth multiple times.  She had a tutor, she went to math and science labs, she talked to her teachers, she learned to ask the right people for help.  And she did it!  She graduated with honors.  Because she believed in herself and she worked really hard.  She earned that Magna cum laude.

And along the way she learned to believe in herself and that she is smarter than she thinks.  She learned that nothing in life is going to be given to her and if she wants something, she is going to have to work for it.  Sometimes she has to work really hard.  But doesn't that make the victory that much sweeter?

Afterwards we had an awesome party with lots of family and friends.

Doesn't she look happy?  Congratulations Chablis - we are so proud of you!


    Everyone is proud of you but the accomplishment inside you now builds confidence and confidence gets jobs! I am happy for you!

    I learned a lot in college too;
    *I can name ten beers that cost under $10 per case
    *Knew 5 people who could write papers for a price
    *Mastered the art of "Slacking Off" which is harder than you think
    and generally how life was away from home.

    Needless the say I didn't graduate with the attributes that you did but somehow, some way, I did manage to graduate.
    And, with my knowledge learned above, I immediately landed a job with the US government, go figure.


  2. She is absolutely beautiful, and learning that kind of focus and discipline is the best skill an adult can have, way better in the long run than having things be easy. I can see why you are so proud of her, and she deserves to be so proud of herself, too! Congratulations to both of you!

  3. This is a huge milestone for Chablis! I know you are a very proud mom. Congrats Chablis for having the determination to stick with it!

  4. Amazing job Chablis! You're future so bright - you're gonna have to wear shades (preferably Costa del Mars on Sanibel Island)

  5. Congrats to Chablis! Yes, math was always my worst subject too. Good for her for perservering and graduating with honors!

  6. COngrats!!! you must be so proud!! What did she major in?

    1. Interdisciplinary communications with a minor in art.

  7. I'm so happy for her and I know you are proud! What great photos of your beautiful family!

  8. Great job Chablis! Now it's time to head south for some relaxing and exploring and paddelboarding with Capt. Brian. P.S. You can bring your mom too.

  9. How awesome!! You really have set a great example of what hard work will get your for both your kids. I just love your are such good people who are so fun! Best wishes to Chablis on her future path.

    1. Thank you gayle. That's such a nice compliment!

  10. Rock on Chablis!! What an accomplishment. You never realize how much pride these kids can fill your heart up with once they walked up and grab that diploma...quickly followed by that sigh of relief "YES! They made it!" haha


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